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Saturday, June 16, 2012

I hate to say it, but some women....

are just plain stupid. Hat tip to my SMART friend Janet for this head-shaking picture from the "worth a thousand words" department.


  1. Another laugh for today, but it is sad that morality has so deteriorated since the introduction of the Pill that the powers that be (Obama and company) have the nerve to attempt to inflict this on us!

  2. I agree this is stupid. However, I could make a similar poster of the average prolifer as follows:

    Says abortion is wrong, is murder, is as bad or worse than slavery.


    Allows abortions if it's for rape, incest,if the person (not government) pays for it, if it's not partial-birth or for sex-selection, or as long as parents are notified or ultrasounds are done.

  3. I wish I could take credit for all that intelligence, but all I did was to reshare on Facebook what someone else put on their wall. Thanks anyway! But as I said when I shared it, this gal on her face the same combination of arrogance and ignorance that I see on so many of the deathscorts' faces at the abortuaries.

  4. The problem extends well beyond abortion to the entire tissue of morality. The modern generation is being indoctrinated with such total moral relativism that they no longer have any sense of right or wrong.

    Whatever they want is right, whoever interferes is a monster. This is a recipe for the collapse of civilization altogether and it is in fact totally irrational.

  5. Excuse me, Anonymous 2:39, but it isn't the pro-lifers who allow abortion for rape and incest. It is already allowed by our immoral laws. Pro-lifers try to restrict it as much as possible. I'm opposed to all exceptions, but if legislation was introduced that banned all abortion except for rape and incest it would be folly for pro-lifers not to support it while they continued to fight for the other babies as well. Your argument is like saying those fighting for civil rights should not have supported the right of blacks to vote until they could ban all segregation.

  6. We have had 40 years of restricting abortion with half-measures and it has brought us no closer to banning it outright. The point about voting and civil rights is off-topic because these are not the same sort of inalienable issues as are abortion and slavery.

    Abolition of slavery was not bought cheaply; abolition of abortion will be achieved even harder, because of the (inter)national interests involved.

  7. Dat gurl be dressan like a Rasta. Ja, she be eaten no meat no ow.

    This is so true.

  8. Brantigny, I bet dat gurl is into cannabis, too. Although I hate marijuana and think it causes a lot of damage to people, and probably even has bad effects, genetically wise besides socially, on the children of those who smoke it, I must admit that a Rasta Ja (Rastiferian) was kind to me once. I left my car keys on the shelf at a bank, and he, another customer, called me back and gave them to me, so I do try to treat them with respect, even though the religion is mostly wrong.