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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Political Myths and Brambles

On your way to the polls to vote today, you might spend a few minutes thinking about one of the big myths put forth by Democrats -- that the history of civil rights is in their plus column. Check out the reality at Political Brambles.


  1. This is one more reason I returned to the party of Lincoln. I tried being a Democrat for awhile since my husband was, but it just did not work. The Republicans were right on the issues such as slavery, and most of the time they are right on issues such as abortion and so-called same-sex marriage. I loved elephants as a child, too, and all the other African animals. Ha! Ha! So it seems to be the party for me all the way around.

  2. The Republicans also at least have a nodding acquaintance with real economics. Of the two major parties they are at least slightly less corrupt.

    We need to replace the Democrats with a party that is right of the Republicans and start returning the country to the Founders' principles.

  3. I was listening to Mark Levin a bit today. He made mention of the "double speak/standards" of the mass media when it comes to embrace of civil rights. He noted that when the Democrats embrace their issues, the media lauds their "commitment to civil rights". When pro-life/conservatives support morality, the media regards them as pesky "social issues". Love the dichotomy!