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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Children Raised in Same Sex Household at Greater Risk than Peers

Two studies published in the journal, Social Science Research, illustrate the damage to children from same sex parenting. But truth isn't likely to enter this politically correct debate so watch for the media to either completely ignore the results or attack them unmercifully. Check out the article which links to several studies on this issue. Heather may have two mommies, but she's also likely to be depressed, suicidal, get STDs, smoke, and do drugs. Here's a snippet from the article:

“All the other studies that have come out on how kids do in same-sex homes are all done by lesbian activist scholars,” Stanton noted. “They have found either there’s no difference between the two kinds of homes, or that the kids actually do better (in homosexual-led households).
“Regnerus’s study shows nothing could be further from the truth. It compares not just homosexual and heterosexual homes, but married intact biological families, divorced, single-parent and cohabiting families,” he added. “All the other studies have just lumped those together.”
Research shows that children do best in an intact family with both a mother and a father. These latest studies support that research. But read the study results for yourself. We're busy engaging in social experimentation with the building block of the culture, traditional marriage and the intact family, claiming it makes no difference to the children. That's a politically correct false construct and these studies put it to the lie. Check the science.