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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Protestant Revolution

One courageous bishop says he won't celebrate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's revolt. Good for him!


  1. Naturally he won't celebrate. After all seling indulgencies was such a great business, the biggest scam on earth.

  2. No, I think convincing people that killing babies is just a choice earns that distinction. And then there's making yourself the head of the Church so you can marry and execute women at will. Oh...and then there's convincing people you are the new Jesus Christ and getting them to drink the Kool Aid.... I could go on, but perhaps you get my point. There are evil men and women everywhere - even in the Church.

  3. The sins of the sons and daughters of Holy Mother Church have nothing to do with what she teaches.

    Inulgences are a part of Divine Revelation (see CCC 1471 and following).

    Just because there were those who abused this doctrine does not make it *not* a part of the Deposit of Faith.

    Mr. Voris is right - it was a revolt... and it has torn Christendom asunder.

    There are those in the Church who would not mind at all to name Luther a "saint." Shame on them.

    Luther was right to be concerned about the corruption in the Church. He took the wrong route to remedy the situation.

    Catechist Kevin

  4. yeah, just wait and see when 2017 comes around who is going to be parading around all sort of ceremonies represnting the pope he may not call it "celebrating" but he will be there with bells on they have sold out to the protestants with the "new mass" and this "Anglican rite" thing and not kneeling for communion and letting people drink from the chalice--sorry, but Luther won whether we celebrate it or not

  5. The Pre-Reformation Catholic Church was ran by self motivated men who were pulling the hearts and minds away from Jesus and binding them to dependance upon man. Indulgences are foolish and obviously driven to get money.

    My Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills, why should He sell the right to sin to get money for the building of His Church?