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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Great Example of Media Bias...or Media Stupidity

A priest in Belleville, IL, Fr. William Rowe, who's been fighting with his bishop for over a year was suspended by Bishop Edward Braxton in July for refusing to follow the liturgical norms. Among his abuses was ad libbing the Eucharistic prayer, a practice which can render the Mass invalid. The Vatican upheld Bishop Braxton's suspension saying the priest could apply for faculties in another diocese, but must admit he was wrong and agree to follow the liturgical requirements mandated for all priests, including bishops and cardinals.

Now let's see how the local media portrayed this.

Vatican reverses priest's suspension

Huh! How did they get that? The Vatican upheld the priest's suspension saying that he could apply for faculties in another diocese,  “when you shall have acknowledged your error and formally promise to dispose yourself to adhere to the rights and rubrics of the sacred liturgy set down by the lawful ecclesiastical authorities.” 

Really! Does that sound like the Vatican "reversed" the priest's suspension? Rowe may not celebrate Mass in Belleview and has said in the past that he has no intention of changing his ways so he won't be able to say Mass anywhere else either. On Tuesday, he reaffirmed his obstinacy and the Bishop is applying to have him removed permanently. 

High time these "protest-ant" priests are removed. The Pope and Magisterium are the ones who protect the authentic Catholic faith. Individual priests have no authority...none...nada... to monkey with the liturgy. They may not change the words of Consecration which invalidates the entire Mass and renders Communion, not the Body and Blood of Christ, but only bread and wine. Priests may not use chips and beer instead of bread and wine as the matter for Communion. They may not even substitute gluten free hosts. They may not skip parts in the Mass they don't happen to like. They may not substitute writings from Emerson or Darwin or Robert Frost for the scripture readings. 

Fr. Rowe seems proud of the fact that he's been thumbing his nose at the Church for years while he did his own thing. It's high time someone straightened him out -- both for his own soul's sake and the sake of the flock. They may not have had a valid Mass in his parish for years. Frankly, I don't understand the arrogance of a priest who considers the Mass his own stage and personal script. 

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1 comment:

Jeannie Holler said...

My former parish ...the Pastor would go to the pulpit ...and pull out his puppet and give a little homily to the kiddo's ....yikes! Sounds like that is liturigal abuse ?
Then those dancers: oh no another abuse ?
Then he would add an extra word or two to the Our Father...yikes .
And for many years I never gave it a thought because I was ignorant and never even heard of the word liturigal abuse...and I would say most people in the pew just go along with all this UNTIL they wake up and turn away . God Have Mercy on us all !