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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Two Embassies Attacked, an Ambassador Dead....

...and the administration apologizes to the radical Islamists! Granted, the apology came before the attacks, but so what? People criticize the Catholic Church in this country all the time. Do Catholics react by storming buildings and murdering people? Look at the blasphemous play Corpus Christi: Playing with Redemption touring the country. It portrays Christ as a homosexual. Do the performers fear for their lives from protesting Christians? These attacks demonstrate once again the reality that Islam will use any provocation to attack us and kill innocent people. Someone dares to criticize Mohammed, prepare for retaliation against anyone and everyone in the West.

What kind of idiots are running the country to apologize to these thugs? Remember, Obama supported Libya last year.  Like most Muslim countries we assist, they become more anti-Christian and anti-American. I suspect they laugh up their sleeves at our weakness. Meanwhile, we are infiltrated from within with terrorists actually training here. Watch for the president to bow and scrape to more countries that hate us. Hey, we are a bunch of colonialists who deserve everything we get from the 99 percent of the world.

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