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Monday, September 3, 2012

The Church Militant Takes the Sidewalk in Charlotte

From the Charlotte Coalition for Life via my friend Mary Pat. Praise God for the lovely story celebrating life:
Dear Charlotte pro-lifers: 
Thank you to all who came out for the Friday night prayer vigil in front of Time Warner Cable (TWC) arena and the Saturday prayer vigil at planned parenthood! All will attest, we are sure, that they were powerful, emotional and filled with the Holy Spirit! See below for some articles that give some pictures.

There were a group of 8 - 10 pro-abort hecklers, which the articles describe. They were quite loud on Friday night, trying to drown out our prayers, etc. On Saturday, the same group came to pp, this time standing away from us down the street, being quiet for the most part, holding their signs facing traffic (but read about the flower incident with them below).

The 3300 flowers, representing the number of babies aborted everyday in America, turned out to play major roles in both events, being laid in long rows on the sidewalk in front of TWC arena on Friday night, and then on the grass next to Albemarle Rd., in front of pp on Saturday morning. It was very stirring to have them there. Little story: one young man,on Friday night, who had been at the bus terminal across the street, came over to one of us and asked if he could take a flower to give to his girlfriend to thank her for choosing life for his son, who is due to be born in six weeks. She had wanted to abort him. He did not. She eventually chose life. Praise God! On Saturday, at the end of the vigil, we decided to leave the flowers in front of pp. A policewoman said it was ok, as flowers are not considered to be trash. When just a handful of our group was still there, the pro-aborts started kicking the flowers into the busy Albemarle traffic. Our group quickly picked up all of the remaining flowers, while telling them that they are not going to allow them to defile the flowers that way. The flowers were taken to their final resting place at Gaston Memorial Cemetery. The flowers had had quite an adventure and hopefully played a role in changing at least some hearts to the culture of life.
For Catholic News Herald coverage and more photos of the event go here. For the eyewitness account of 11-year-old Zoe Griffin shown in the photo above go here.

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