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Friday, September 7, 2012

Is Anyone Surprised that the Nun on the Bus Supports Obama?

Simone Campbell, the chief nun on the bus, showed up at the Democrats convention to shill for the most rabid abortion proponent ever to sit in the oval office. While the Catholic Church teaches that abortion is unequivocally and always wrong, Sr. Simone doesn't know "if abortion should be illegal." But she sure knows that government handouts are the solution to all our problems. Not too surprising. Campbell heads up NETWORK which has a long history of supporting liberalism and working to elect liberal politicians. NETWORK cares more about the wetlands than babies growing in the internal wetland of the womb.

Campbell also misrepresented the Catholic bishops when she said they condmned the Ryan budget. The bishops did no such thing. A committee of the bishops' bureaucracy which is known for its partisan politics went after Ryan. No surprise. It's common knowledge that many USCCB committees list left. That's why so many orthodox Catholics would like to see it shut down. Several bishops have taken issue with the attack on Ryan calling accusations like Campbell's "calumny."

Campbell's tale of sob stories got big cheers from convention delegates, but she didn't explain what will happen to those poor people when the country collapses in economic insolvency. She didn't mention the astronomical increase in the national debt which obligates every household and future generations, endangering the American dream for our grandkids. Obama's "spending spree" enslaves future generations because the money to pay for today's handouts is borrowed and taxpayers are responsible for paying it back tomorrow. Consider that the costs of Obamacare aren't even included yet. Just wait until those new taxes and obligations are implemented!

A friend of mine who's a full time RVer says he's seen the impact of our economic downturn all over the country in closed storefronts, disappearing malls, and ghost towns. Every consumer is experiencing the cost increase in food and gas prices. Increasing tax rates on goods and services impacts everybody. And when businesses are taxed they pass those increased expenses on to their customers. Spiking gas prices hurt the non urban poor more than anybody. And how is robbing Medicare going to help the elderly just when more and more boomers are reaching the magic age? Less money means rationing; that's simply an economic reality.

There are many self-sacrificing sisters serving the poor. Simone Campbell is not one of them. Keep that in mind as you listen to her. She is a lobbyist. What do lobbyists do? Whatever is necessary to get their hands into the taxpayers' pockets. That pocket, however, is getting pretty thin.


a witness said...

Simone is a disgrace! She is not a "Holy Spirit filled nun". That she revels in applause and gets accolades from the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Obama and Joe Biden speaks volumes.
Compare her to Mother Teresa who did not take sides in politics but lived her faith by her personal caring of the poor and the sick.
"You know the tree by the fruit it bears"

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Well said!