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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Whose a Grownup? Mia Love or Sandra Fluke?

Sandra Fluke is a pathetic piece of work. She makes hysterical, false, and defamatory statements about Paul Ryan:

Sandra Fluke: Paul Ryan 'Would Allow Pregnant Women to Die in Our Emergency Rooms'

And then she whines - again - about mean ole Rush Limbaugh and how Romney didn't rise to her defense against "hateful slurs." (Hey, Sandra, you're a feminist. Feminism killed chivalry and denigrated men's respect for women and now you want knights in white armor? Please!)

But let's set the record straight. Fluke can make all the "hateful slurs" she likes against anyone who disagrees with her, but if (horrors!) someone criticizes her promiscuous lifestyle (which she wants funded by the taxpayer) she expects people to rise and defend her honor. Sorry, Sandra, you have none. In fact, there's no evidence you have any self-respect. Announcing to the world that you fornicate and then demanding others to pay for your right to do it without consequences is cheap and exploitive. Why should some grandmother living in a trailer or my children who are raising families be taxed so you can get free birth control pills while you travel the world with your rich boyfriend? Why isn't he paying for it anyway? You're his sex object after all; shouldn't he pay for his toys?
Grow up, Sandra. At your age being a whining crybaby is pathetic.

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