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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Democrats are not only Godless, They're Crazy!

Can the Democrats really believe that removing God from their platform will win them votes? Good grief, most people in the U.S., regardless of their religion, are people of faith. So how can this help them? Frankly, I think it demonstrates the principle that sin makes you stupid, and there's no doubt at all that the Democratic party officially sanctions grave sins. In fact, their platform champions two of the four sins that cry to heaven for vengeance - sodomy and murder of the innocent. (The other two are oppressing the poor and defrauding the worker of his wages. We can argue about those as well in view of liberal policies that hurt the poor and increase unemployment.)

But, really, I'm shocked by the fact that the Democrats are doing this because obviously they want to win. So why would they risk alienating millions of God-fearing people? Not only that, why would they make celebrating abortion a centerpiece of their convention? CNN polls show that most Americans oppose abortion in most cases - 62% in fact. Twenty-four percent of women want abortion made illegal in ALL circumstances. Even the young oppose abortion. (No surprise because pro-lifers are the ones having babies and their grandchildren are about to reach voting age! Our oldest grandchild turns 18 next year and she's in the vanguard of our pro-life family juggernaut!) Of those between the ages of 18 and 34, 59% want abortion illegal in most situations only excepting the hard cases (rape, incest, and life of the mother) which constitute fewer than 2% of abortions. That means most Americans want to eliminate 98% of the abortions in this country. Someday it will be 100!

So as the country becomes more pro-life, the Democrats become more hardline in making abortion a liberal sacrament. Their lineup of rabid pro-aborts is staggering. Are they nuts? Or do they figure they will win no matter what? Do they know something we don't know? Are the people who say Obama has a strategy to win "at all costs" right?

One thing's for sure -- they've built their idol. Pathetic, isn't it? Pray and work for pro-life candidates. Todd Akin is one. Have you sent him a donation?

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