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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Incompetents Are Running our Foreign Policy! Pray...pray...pray.

American diplomats were warned three days before the deadly attack at the Libyan embassy!   Apparently they didn't take the warning seriously.

Sudan Refuses to Allow U.S. Marines to Protect Embassy   Sudanese claim they can protect our diplomats despite protesters attacking and burning the German embassy a few days ago and raising the Islamic flag.

Al Qaeda Urges Muslim in Yemen to Kill Diplomats    "The group also said that Muslims living in the West have an extra duty to be involved in attacks on key targets."

Meanwhile, the Holy Father has spent the past few days in Lebanon calling for peace. His Angelus message today
was an appeal to the Blessed Mother for peace. Consider that Saturday was the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. What a reminder in this week of horrors! We should recall her life as a pilgrimage of suffering and unite our sorrows to hers. Join Pope Benedict in praying for peace:
Dear Brothers and Sister, 
Let us now turn to Mary, Our Lady of Lebanon, around whom both Christians and Muslims gather. Let us ask her to intercede with her divine Son for you and, more particularly, for the people of Syria and the neighbouring countries, imploring the gift of peace. You know all too well the tragedy of the conflicts and the violence which generates so much suffering. Sadly, the din of weapons continues to make itself heard, along with the cry of the widow and the orphan. Violence and hatred invade people’s lives, and the first victims are women and children. Why so much horror? Why so many dead? I appeal to the international community! I appeal to the Arab countries that, as brothers, they might propose workable solutions respecting the dignity, the rights and the religion of every human person! Those who wish to build peace must cease to see in the other an evil to be eliminated. It is not easy to see in the other a person to be respected and loved, and yet this is necessary if peace is to be built, if fraternity is desired (cf. 1 Jn 2:10-11; 1 Pet 3:8-12). May God grant to your country, to Syria and to the Middle East the gift of peaceful hearts, the silencing of weapons and the cessation of all violence! May men understand that they are all brothers! Mary, our Mother, understands our concern and our needs. Together with the Patriarchs and Bishops present, I place the Middle East under her maternal protection (cf. Propositio 44). May we, with God’s help, be converted so as to work ardently to establish the peace that is necessary for harmonious coexistence among brothers, whatever their origins and religious convictions.
Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.


Ray Schneider said...

23Incompetence is a charitable characterization. In view of militant Islam all of our embassies in that part of the world should have a serious Marine presence to defend them. Instead they appear to have been stripped of even the minimum security normally provided.

This administration is beyond despicable and beyond incompetence. They are actively complicit almost as if they are inviting atrocities to set up a crisis they can react to and still preserve "plausible deniability" a phrase I first heard during Iran Contra.

We appear to be ruled by traitors.

Sandra Conner said...

I have to agree with your title. In fact,in my opinion, incompetents are running our entire government right now. I am concerned that many of those in charge are actually under the control of spiritual forces that are definitely not of God.

Anonymous said...

Amen! to Ray Schneider and Sandra Conner's posts. I never voted for this president because I saw through him from the beginning.

Larry from RI said...

Is it incmpetence or the carrying out of the policy of the Saul Alinsky twins,Barack and Hillary.That policy is to diminish the power and stature of USA,at home and abroad.