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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

No, We Don't All Belong to Government!

Talk about an evil message. The very first statement on this video is a lie. "We are committed to all people," the voice says. Presuming that the "we" is the national Democratic establishment, they most certainly are NOT! They are NOT committed to the unborn. They advocate open season on killing them. They are NOT committed to Christians' right to freedom of religion. They ARE actively hostile to Christians and will force us to cooperate with their evil agenda while working for legislation that defines our beliefs as hate speech. They are NOT committed to those who believe in the Constitution; they are actively working to overthrow it. And that's only the first line. The Democrats' platform shows exactly how great a lie this claim to be committed to "all people" is!

And then there's the second statement. "We do believe you can use government in a good way." What exactly does that mean? For Democrats it means using government to coerce those with whom you disagree by stacking the courts with liberals who will legislate from the bench. That's exactly how we got abortion on demand and legalization of sodomy, both of which most of the country opposed. And that same strategy will likely give us same sex pretend "marriage" as well. Liberals use government all right, the same way socialist and totalitarian governments have used it for centuries -- to take over private businesses, shut down freedom of speech and religion, and turn the people into slaves of the state.

The next statement says, "We're together as part of our city or our county or our state and our nation." No we're not, at least not in the way implied as if we are all marching in lockstep togetherness. The local and state levels are where we express our DIFFERENCES and duke it out to see what philosophy of government will prevail, one based on the Judeo-Christian ethic or one based on secular moral relativism. There is little togetherness possible between those two worldviews.

Frankly, I find this talk of false togetherness eerie. It reminds me of the Nazi policy of Gleichschaltung which twisted language for the purpose of manipulation and confusion. The literal meaning is to switch onto the same track and the Nazis went about doing that with a vengeance forcing the nazification of all areas of German life. For example, all youth groups were brought together in the Hitler youth and other youth groups, like those run by the Catholic church were ultimately banned. Anyone who resisted the government "togetherness" was an enemy of the state. 

Don't ever be confused that government is your friend and is "committed to all people." The best government leaves people alone except for the bare minimum necessary. And, as the Founders believed, it must be constantly watched and sometimes resisted. Read the Constitution. There are very few legitimate roles for the federal government. Most issues are reserved to the state and the people. But that's not what liberals believe. They want to control our lives from cradle to grave. We need to be always ready to fight liberalism and defend freedom. 

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