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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Interesting.... Obama Campaign got Big Bucks from Filmmaker


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Anonymous said...

Mary Ann, perhaps I was too hard on Hilary Clinton in my last post comparing her to Simone since she at least voted for the "Born Aiive Act" as far as I know and did have her daughter. Also, she is being manipulated by Bill Clinton and President Obama to their advantage. I am sure the President put her up to this, but she could have said "No", and she could give up the post any time if she finds it distastful. There are options, and the options these women have given to the Church is abominable. Let's keep praying for them all and ourselves. As Father Mitch Pacwa said in one of his sermons, "We are not to be secular, but we are not to be violent either," and he made it clear that we do have the right to self-defense, which is the only time violence is right if someone is actually attacking us.