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Saturday, September 22, 2012

DOJ: Your Bumper Sticker May Indicate You're a Terrorist

Yes, the Department of Justice is training law enforcement to PROFILE certain folks as terrorists. "Who?" you ask. Pro-lifers, of course, and liberty lovers who don't like the U.N. Also included are those who oppose genetic engineering. (Wow! That makes me a triple terrorist!)

So let me get this straight. TSA is not allow to pull Muslim men in turbins out of line at the airport because that would be profiling. But DOJ is training state and local law enforcement to profile law-abiding citizens based on their BUMPER STICKERS! Here's one of the slides in the power point presentation. These people really are psycho!

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Ray Schneider said...

This is a well conceived program to brainwash and create within the agency that is supposed to be defending us a profile of the patriotic, freedom loving American citizen as a potential terrorist.

I question what Homeland Security needs 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition for. That's enough to fight a war, maybe a couple of wars.

Homeland Security is looking more and more like an American Gestapo. Remember when the White House asked Americans to report on their neighbors?

I'm reminded of the proverbial frogs slowly being boiled. It's not true but the metaphor still holds, because it appears that we're not as smart as real frogs or we would have impeached this government long ago.