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Monday, September 3, 2012

Time for Karl Rove to Go!

Hey, Mitt, Dump Rove

A few excerpts from the article about the man who joked about murdering Todd Akin:
According to a Businessweek reporter’s account of that meeting, Rove made the following remark: “We should sink Todd Akin. If he’s found mysteriously murdered, don’t look for my whereabouts!”
Rove later apologized to Akin, who, unlike Rove, quickly accepted his regrets.
What Rove said behind closed doors is far more disgraceful than anything Akin, a gentleman, ever thought of saying. But an apology is hardly enough to erase a remark like that. So it’s time for Rove to take his own advice to Akin and get out of the way so he doesn’t become a distraction in this race. 
As the grand dame of the conservative movement, Phyllis Schlafly, said: “Karl Rove has made himself toxic to Republicans by his incredibly offensive and dangerous statement suggesting the murder of Congressman Todd Akin of Missouri. Any candidate or network who hires Rove will now be tarnished with this most malicious remark ever made in Republican politics. … Rove has been calling on Todd Akin to resign, but the one who should resign because he made an embarrassing, malicious and downright stupid remark is Karl Rove.”...
Rove instantly went ballistic over Akin’s unfortunate but innocent phraseology. That’s because he never liked Akin and never supported him. He bet on a primary candidate who lost to Akin, who was not the country club Republican choice to take on McCaskill.
Karl Rove is a neo-con bully with a vision of the American empire. His nastiness toward grassroots conservatives is well known.  He's a Rockefeller, country club Republican whose time is past. Pat Buchanan pegged him and other Republicans like him when he quoted Whittaker Chambers saying,  "the great failing of American conservatives is they do not retrieve their wounded." Men like Karl Rove like to kick them when they're down. It's time for Rove to receive some of his own treatment. Give him the boot, show him the door, take away his mike. He has nothing to say that's worth listening to!


Ray Schneider said...

Personally I'm in favor of doing a screen on all the political so-called experts that are always telling everyone what to do. They are all folks that think they are smarter than everyone else and look down their noses at the rank and file grassroots.

It's time for the grassroots to take back the party and if that means we boot people like Karl Rove, well high time. The experts make it all about winning and almost nothing about principles, duty, honor, virtue and the vision of a representative republic that defines America as a unique nation.

Winning is important but it is less important than maintaining our integrity and that's what I find so abusive about modern politics. Maybe it has always been this way. I know however that it has gotten worse in my experience over my lifetime. The media and their loss of integrity has promoted the change.

We should start the long hard journey back to principles and virtue or we will certainly end up in the trash can of history.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you have said this. No one, not even former Vice-President Cheney, has so compromised the moral integrity of the Republican Party. While we Republicans stand for all the right things we must make sure that we use only the right methods to achieve them and Karl Rove’s list of “dirty tricks” has been an embarrassment to those of us who have joined the Republican Party for moral reasons.