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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ambassador and Others Killed and Obama? He Does Las Vegas!

Do we have a president? What an insult to the families whose loved ones were brutally murdered yesterday. The Middle East is a cauldron bubbling over and ready to explode and all Obama can think of us is fundraising. I'm not sure we can avoid World War III at this point no matter who is elected, but we are obviously seriously endangered with the architect of the "Arab Spring" being an empty chair in the oval office.

Pat Buchanan saw where things were going a year ago and he is turning out to be prophetically right. We'd all better be on our knees praying for peace. In the Old Testament God allowed evil tyrants to attack Israel in chastisement for her sins. The sins of America make ancient Israel look pious! And doesn't it say something that the attacks on the embassies occurred on 9/11? Wake up, America. Return to God.

And now it seems that Libyan security forces betrayed the location of the ambassador to the mob. The Libyan government has issued an apology for the killings, but where were the troops to protect the diplomatic staff and embassy workers?

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