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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Communist Infiltration in the Church

Did you ever read Communist Bella Dodd's memoir, School of Darkness? After becoming a Catholic, Dodd described her efforts to infiltrate the Church by putting agents in the seminaries. Those men would have reached positions of power in the 60s, the very time when collapse of the faith took hold in the "spirit of Vatican II." To understand what's happening today people need to understand history. See more about Bella Dodd and Communist infiltration of the Church.

Polish People Call on Priest Spies to Resign

Calculated Attack Brought Church Collapse


Adrienne said...

Interesting. I found the book online at

Only a fool would not know there was something amiss in the Church.

Michael Voris "gets it" and look how he's treated by the "professional" Catholics.

adagioforstrings said...

This explains quite a bit to me. I always suspected something along this line, so it's nice to know I'm not totally paranoid.

Anita Moore said...

I did a review of this book a little over a year ago.

Dodd doesn't discuss the infiltration of the Church in this book, though she does discuss subversion tactics used against Catholics. The book is really about how the teachers' unions became a tool of the Communist Party. Alice von Hildebrand talks about Bella Dodd and infiltration in her 2001 interview with Latin Mass Magazine, which I personally think should be required reading:

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for your comments and links, Anita. I read the book years ago. I believe Dodd also told Fulton Sheen about her project to fill the priesthood with communist agents. It certainly makes sense. Even today things are still pretty corrupt which would make sense if the bishop-agents made a point of bringing in corrupt priests. Makes Mike Rose's book Good-bye Good Men! completely sensible as well. And then there are all those fellow travelers like the nuns on the bus. Sad!

Anita Moore said...

My understanding is that Dodd spoke about the infiltration project in lectures, and may even have testified about it before Congress -- haven't yet found any transcripts on that subject, though some transcripts of her testimony can be found online.

Adrienne said...

Thanks for the link, Anita.

Anonymous said...

I read Dodd's testimony to Congress claiming there were communists in the White House, etc. The problem is she never names any.