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Friday, September 28, 2012

I Love Allen West - Sending Him a Donation!

The liberals hate this guy because he's a black conservative. Once conservatives have dozens of black patriots like West standing up for traditional moral values and responsible government, liberals will lose the power of their racist politics of division. 

I love Allen West and hope to see him on the presidential ballot in 2016. I wouldn't have to hold my nose to mark the ballot. As for his opponent...well, what can one say about a little boy whose entire campaign is based on character assassination who runs from debates on the issues and depends on Daddy's money? But he's sure got George Soros' support. Socialist Soros knows exactly how dangerous a solid conservative who can appeal to black voters is. Yikes! West could undermine the liberal plantation. Gosh...just suppose they pick up their pitchforks and revolt against their rich white owners? 

One of the things I love about West is that he won't play into the racial discussion. Let's face it. Liberals are pouring money into the races to defeat black conservatives like Allen West and Mia Love, but West won't play the race card by bringing it up. He sticks to the issues. GO WEST!


Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Mary ann, I hate to burst your bubble, but black conservatives like West don't have a following in the black community that amounts to much. The black community, secular or religious, is overwhelmingly liberal. Read Jesse Lee Peterson's "Scam" and discover what the black community is really all about.

Ray Schneider said...

Of course Steve, but the point is that if the media hides the existence of Black Conservatives in a campaign of silence then that won't change.

There is a healthy minority of articulate and conservative Black academics, economists, pastors, and politicians who have figured out that they are being gamed by the left.

The media is complicit since they conceal and ridicule Black conservatives as a matter of course. But that reflects badly on them and people like Allen West with real accomplishments, real leadership, real intelligence counter the left then it gets harder to ignore and the contrast with the real toadies like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson grows more stark.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Ray, it's just not the media that's "hides the existence" of black conservatives. The black community, especially the lower middle class, ignores them too. They consider anyone like West to be a white man's negro. They don't give a damm about his accomplishments. As far as they are concerned, he's not acting 'black' enough. They got it made already. For the hard-core unemployed, there's EBT. There's crime for those who are ambitious, but not honest, there's crime. For those who are not criminals, there's minority set asides that will guarantee them a job, even if they are not qualified for it. If you want to become a big shot, there's the ministry, or politics. But if you want to make sometime of yourself, like Allen West, without any special aid or outrageous behavior, you're not black enough.
Al and Jesse maybe "toadies", but the black community respects them. So what if they're inciters of violence, sexually immoral, associates of criminals, and pullers of shady business deals? As long as they stick it to the man, (us) the black community doesn't mind or care.
Ray, I repeat, the larger black community will ignore people like Allen West, just like they ignored Booker T Washington, and payed attention to radical leftists like WEB DuBois and Dr King.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You may be right, Steve, for now, but as more and more conservative blacks become visible they will have an impact. You can't hide the truth forever. And solid black ministers will have the most impact because they preach the truth to their congregations.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Mary Ann, the truth is in the face of the black community right now, and they don't care. The only thing that will make them listen to those conservative blacks is the collapse of the welfare state and repeal of these idiotic anti-discrimination laws that force unqualified hires and businesses on the rest of us. When the hunger pains snap at their bellies because their EBT card is kaput and they realize a cardboard box will be their next home, then they will start listening to West, Peterson, and other conservative blacks.