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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Are these Cubans just collateral damage?

Read the excerpt below and ask yourself, "Do we really want diplomatic relations with a government that commits this kind of atrocity?"
On December 19, 2014 two days after Rome, Washington and Havana simultaneously announced the resumption of diplomatic relations between the U.S. government and the Cuban dictatorship, one of Castro’s Coast Guard ships began ramming a boat fleeing Cuba with 32 people on board, including seven women and two children, to sink the frail craft, presumably in international waters. Those Cubans were simply seeking freedom and trying to break the infamous “internal embargo” that Castro has tyrannically imposed upon its own people. 
A survivor, Mrs. Masiel Castilian González, whose husband Leosbel Beoto Diaz drowned, later recounted by phone; “we were screaming, crying for help because the boat was sinking. But they would not listen. They kept ramming our boat. Some people jumped into the water but we stayed there as the boat was sinking.” “They knew there were kids on board but still kept ramming us. They did not care.” This was a brutal action by a ruthless regime that feels backed up by powerful allies. A criminal event so seriously damning for the Castro regime would deserve a worldwide outcry of repudiation. Yet it was hardly noticed by the international press, Western governments, “human rights” organizations, and--extremely painful to point out--churchmen who should imitate the Good Shepherd by being ready to give their lives for their flock.
The author, who spent 22 years in "Castro's dungeons" had this to say about the pope's involvement in the Cuba/U.S. political decision.
On December 17, 2014 Francis welcomed the release of “some detainees” the same day the resumption of diplomatic relations was announced He reaffirmed his mediating role without even hinting at the fact that the Cuban communist dictatorship maintains not just “some” but 12 million “detained” Cubans. This is extremely painful to say, however the boot with which the Castros continue to crush my brethren on the island, now has a very high-ranking endorsement....
Regardless of his intentions...Francis has taken measures objectively favoring the political and ecclesiastical left in Latin America. For example, he personally attended the World Meeting of Popular Movements held in Rome from October 27 to 29. This was a gathering of 100 revolutionary world leaders, including well-known Latin American professional agitators. The meeting turned out to be a kind of “beatification” of these Marxist-inspired revolutionary figures, the sui generis “blessed” of an “upside down church” contrary to the whole social doctrine of the Church defended by Francis predecessors (cf. “The Pope Greets and Blesses,” L'Osservatore Romano, Oct. 28, 2014; “Francis, a publicity ‘beatification’ of revolutionaries, and ‘social upheaval,’” Highlight International, November 2, 2014)....
Unfortunately, with regard to Cuba and Latin America, these statements, deeds and gestures of Pope Francis directly or indirectly favor the oppression of the Cuban people and a leftward shift of the continent. There is a palpable feeling conveyed from these actions that we are in the presence of a pontificate marked by confusion and even chaos, with disturbing consequences for the political, social and Christian future of the Americas.
This all reminds me of our own leftist bishops whose USCCB constantly issues statements that advance liberalism and disperse money taken from patsies in the pew and pass it on to pro-aborts and outright Marxists. God help us! And pray your rosary.

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