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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sometimes You Just have to Call it Like it Is! Homosexual Activity is Depraved!

With the culture as morally polluted sexually as it is, not to mention hormonal pollution gushing into our water system, I think we will see more and more individuals with same sex attraction. After all, if fishes in our stream are being sexually deformed, do we really think birth control pills, viagra, etc. in the groundwater isn't affecting humans?

Nevertheless having a sick inclination never makes it okay to indulge in it. A person inclined to abuse alcohol or cheat on a spouse needs to resist temptation and struggle against evil just like all of us. A person with same sex attraction needs to cultivate healthy friendships and avoid occasions of sin and temptation. I thank God for the confessional where one can go and be strengthened against the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Pray for those enslaved by same sex attraction. They need our prayers and our healthy friendship, but they have no business in religious life. Mike Voris is right when he says they should "get out!." But I think they stay for more reasons than undermining the faith. The priesthood for a lazy man is a cushy lifestyle. And if you have a parish with loose financial accounting, it's a great place to line your pockets and build your little retirement nest egg. Even if you don't steal outright, lots of folks will be happy to "give Father little gifts" like the use of time shares and vacation cottages. Heck, I know a priest, now deceased, who used to receive season tickets to the Redskins and a car dealer in his parish gave him an SUV. Not bad, eh?

There are plenty of priests who are working hard for their flocks and sacrificing their lives for us, but the active homosexuals are not among them. And, believe me, every diocese has them, the bishop knows about them, and he turns a blind eye. Some hide behind orthodoxy; others promote dissent, especially in sexual matters, but they all undermine the faith of their parishioners.

Pray for the clergy every day. The devil works overtime to win them to his team.

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  1. An excellent video by Voris, but see, here's the point:

    Everything points to the top. Period.

    francis stays in a hotel run by a notorious sodomite; a personal friend whom he has appointed to a very high position in the Vatican bank.

    francis smilingly holds hands with and concelebrates a very public Mass with another notorious sodomitic, Church-doctine-dissenting priest.

    francis personally opens the door to synodal 'discussions' on the merits of homosexual union.

    Bishop Bonny, (, will go unpunished, unreprimanded, uncorrected, and very probably given a red hat. At the very least he will probably be a personally invited (by francis) participant at this year's synod, sitting right next to Cdnl. Danneels.

    THIS is the big old elephant in the room, and thanks be to God more people of good will are waking up to it's stench. As long as Voris stays quiet about it, and the MASSIVE damage it is doing to the Bride of Christ, I place Voris tirades in the "hot bag of wind" category.