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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Feminism and Communism Sleep Together and Always Have

These folks are either liars or clueless (probably liars). The greatest abuse of women is abortion which tells women they can only be equal to men if they are willing to sterilize themselves permanently or temporarily. And if they "goof up" and get pregnant, they have to make themselves clean again by killing their babies. As the commie and feminazi say,
"Abortion on demand (through all nine months) without apology." Have you ever heard a pro-abortionist condemn Kermit Gosnell who murdered late term babies by cutting their spinal cords after birth? Oh, and he killed women in the process as well. The man is in jail, his clinic was a "little shop of horrors," but abortionists fight tooth and nail against common sense medical oversight that would treat abortion mills, many of them run by butchers like Gosnell, the same as other freestanding outpatient clinics. Abortion, even early abortion, is a dangerous medical procedure. The women-haters are those who love abortion so much a handful of dead women are just collateral damage.

But what is especially interesting here is the communion between the feminist and the communist. It's always existed. A strategy of the communists was the breakdown of the family because it is the enemy of the all-powerful state. So communism wanted women out of the home and into the workplace and on birth control with easy abortion and children raised by the state so their minds could be manipulated to accept the party line.

Here's an interesting article from 1920 that outlines Communism's role for the new family. See how much it corresponds to many of feminism's goals: women in the workplace, the state caring for the children, free relationships, easy divorce, etc. Here's just one paragraph:
[T]he old type of family has had its day. The family is withering away not because it is being forcibly destroyed by the state, but because the family is ceasing to be a necessity. The state does not need the family, because the domestic economy is no longer profitable: the family distracts the worker from more useful and productive labour. The members of the family do not need the family either, because the task of bringing up the children which was formerly theirs is passing more and more into the hands of the collective. [You've heard it from Hillary -- the village raises the child.] In place of the old relationship between men and women, a new one is developing: a union of affection and comradeship, a union of two equal members of communist society, both of them free, both of them independent and both of them workers. No more domestic bondage for women. No more inequality within the family. No need for women to fear being left without support and with children to bring up. The woman in communist society no longer depends upon her husband but on her work. It is not in her husband but in her capacity for work that she will find support. She need have no anxiety about her children. The workers’ state will assume responsibility for them. Marriage will lose all the elements of material calculation which cripple family life. Marriage will be a union of two persons who love and trust each other. Such a union promises to the working men and women who understand themselves and the world around them the most complete happiness and the maximum satisfaction. Instead of the conjugal slavery of the past, communist society offers women and men a free union [free love?] which is strong in the comradeship which inspired it. Once the conditions of labour have been transformed and the material security of the working women has increased, and once marriage such as the church used to perform it – this so-called indissoluble marriage which was at bottom merely a fraud – has given place to the free and honest union of men and women who are lovers and comrades, prostitution will disappear. [Right! Communism abolished prostitution.] This evil, which is a stain on humanity and the scourge of hungry working women, has its roots in commodity production and the institution of private property. Once these economic forms are superseded, the trade in women will automatically disappear. The women of the working class, therefore, need not worry over the fact that the family is doomed to disappear. They should, on the contrary, welcome the dawn of a new society which will liberate women from domestic servitude, lighten the burden of motherhood and finally put an end to the terrible curse of prostitution.
Note the last sentence. It is almost a word-for-word promise of feminism which would "liberate women" from the "servitude" (i.e., slavery of the home). I once debated a feminist on the radio and when I described myself as a wife and mother, she said you're a woman first, not a slave. What a pitiful view! Being a slave to your boss at work is "freedom;" being the manager of your time and your own household and the teacher of your children is slavery. So sad!

Anyway, put the March for Life in Washington, D.C. and the West Coast March for Life on your calendar. If you can't physically go, set aside time for a holy hour to pray for their success. Good will always overcome evil. Life will always overcome death. Remember that dark isn't something; it's nothing -- simply the absence of light. If you are a light to the world, you defeat the darkness -- even the darkness of feminazis and commies. Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.


  1. Not to mention being a slave to Big Gov...via the entitlements they hold out to encourage divorce and single parenthood.

  2. Amen! Just look at what welfare did to the black family. Now no fault divorce is doing the same to the white family. God help us.