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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Why does the LGBT Community have so much Clout? Money Talks!

Check out the demographics.

Ever wonder why a group that represents so few (about 3%) manages to have so much influence? Money talks, friends, and the gay community has plenty to throw around. Think about it: two incomes, few children, plenty of extra money to fund leisure and luxury. The downside? You may be able to buy yourself political advantages like gay unions and hate speech laws, but you sure can't buy your way into heaven.

I found these statistics especially enlightening:

How large is the U.S. gay market? 
Kinsey says about 18.75 million.
Simmons says about 21 million.
NORC says about 15 million.
These three sources averaged out equal 18.25 million.
Simmons' research (comparing gay consumers to the national index of consumers) reports that gay consumers are: 
71 percent male/29 percent female
Over twice as likely as national index to be professionals/managers
Twice as likely to have household income over $60K
Twice as likely to have household income over $250K
Twice as likely to have graduated from college
Three times more likely to be online than the average American
Four times as likely to spend over $150 on long distance monthly
Twice as likely to spend $250 on cellular service
Gays are defined as a "valuable target market." They should be a target market for Christians as well. Have you prayed today for all those enslaved by homosexual lust? Some of these folks are relatives and friends. Don't abandon them. Storm heaven for them! Many lead sad and tormented lives, not because of outside persecution, but because of interior guilt and pain. They need us. Don't be put off by their anger and hostility. Let's lay down our lives in prayer and sacrifice for those who are most in need of God's mercy -- those enslaved by deadly sins that kill the soul.


  1. It is pretty hard when one of your close family members molested another under aged family member in the past, and those who could have done something about it did not. It creates one hell of a situation -- kind of like the movie "Home for the Holidays".

  2. What a heartache. The older I get, the more I think every family lives in a soap opera. The only thing that can save us from it is Jesus Christ!

  3. Actually, "Home for the Holidays" was not the movie I meant. I have forgotten the name of it, but it was a movie about a young married women with a husband and children who went home for a holiday. She had a homosexual brother and a promiscuous sister and nothing in common with her family, except the bloodline. She would go back to her own home after visiting them and get on her stationery bike and pedal as fast as she could to take out her frustration with having to deal with it all.