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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Know the Opposition: Homosexual Activists Hate the Nuclear Family!

Many Catholics today, a majority in fact even among those who attend Mass every Sunday, support the homosexual agenda. They have bought the lie that homosexual relationships are equivalent to marriage and so they support "equal rights" for two men or two women (an arbitrary number) to be able to seal the knot legally. How we got from Ozzie and Harriet and Father Knows Best to Modern Family in just a few generations is a gay success story. Catholics, pro-lifers, and other godly folks need to understand what's happened and to realize that to be pro-life and morally on target means defending the family against all assaults, particularly the blitzkrieg ("lightning war") of the homosexual movement .

As early as 1970 at a conference in Philadelphia
homosexual activists were calling for the destruction of the nuclear family. We're there! Look around. But instead of raising the alarm like good watchmen, ecclesiastics in the Church seek ways to conform with the world and say, "Bravo!" and "Who am I to judge?" about sodomite relations. Talk about enabling evil!

If you love your children and your grandchildren, you will fight. You will fight not just abortion that attacks the weakest family member, but contraception and same sex unions which take the axe to the root of the family. When normal families modeled on the Holy Family disappear, what will be left? Sodom and Gomorrah. Check out these articles:

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Homosexual Activists Hate the Nuclear Family

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