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Monday, January 19, 2015

You Can't Fool Mother Nature! DNA Will Tell.

A friend of mine wrote the article below and I think she pegs it. In the world of virtual reality, everyone can create his own avatar. An old person can become young, a male can become female or vice-versa. But it's a world of make-believe. People who actually enter into that make-believe world insisting it's real are mentally ill, psychotic in fact. The psychotic creates his own world and then tries to live in it. We not only live in a culture of death today, but a psychotic culture of make-believe. Instead of emphasizing the true and the real, many institutions (educational, political, and even religious) have entered into the psychotic's make believe world to confirm his avatar. After all, feelings trump reality and if it feels right to you, it must be right. Tell that to the next child who thinks he's Superman and wants to jump off the roof to prove he can fly. 

The Twenty-Third Chromosome
by Susan Matthieson 

The sex of a child is fixed at the instant of conception through the paired XY (male) or XX (female) twenty third chromosomes. God wrote male or female into our DNA genetic code like the Ten Commandments were written by His finger on Moses’ two tablets of stone – fixed, permanent and forever. Simply put, examined DNA will instantly reveal to any scientist that a particular human person is male or female.

St. Francis de Sales said, “Do not desire not to be what you are,” yet ever increasingly we read news stories about the glories of sex change operations and how happy is the new gender enhanced person being something not only that he or she never was before, but something he or she never can be, therefore never will be for all eternity.
For instance, in the shifting world of man’s irrational lusty sexual desires, Chastity Bono, the daughter of Sonny and Cher Bono, who now thinks she is a man named Chaz, will never be a man even though she has had her breasts removed in what is known as “top surgery” in the transgender world of make believe. She ingests testosterone hormones to appear masculine and grow facial hair, nevertheless Chastity’s DNA will forever tell any geneticist that she is a human female.

British couple Felix and Helen Fenton both had “magical” sex change operations. After living together six years they decided to become each other. Felix, age 46, had been a woman named Helen who became a man and now is the husband of Helen, age 56, who had been a man named Felix but now is a woman and the wife of Felix. They legally married in England in September, 2013. One clueless person commenting on this story in the British press said, “Despite the smoke and mirrors, this actually is a marriage! They might be a man pretending to be a woman and a woman pretending to be a man, but physically they are a man and a woman, and that is a marriage.” (Of course, “pretending” is the key word here.)

The “pregnant man” Thomas Beatie is a woman who had gender reassignment surgery (sex change operation) but who still had a womb which could bear a child, because she wanted to have biological children (and did), even though at the same time she wanted to be a man – and a pregnant man at that.

What shines forth from people such as these? Does the Savior shine in the midst of their hearts? Is He their life-breath, the center of their being, the reflected image of their interior life? Or rather is there a sickness of the soul so weighted down by their self-indulgent wills which makes it almost impossible for them to wholly rise from the depths of their depravity.

The government-controlled media help stir the bubbling cauldron, stoking the burning fire of man’s desire to be noticed even for such appalling actions as sex change surgery. Such people beam gleaming smiles for the rolling cameras to tell the world about the marvelous magically wonderful thing they have done in becoming something other than what God made them.

Uncharitably we want to point out the obvious (It’s in your DNA, Stupid.) or sarcastically repeat the words of our Blessed Mother (How can this possibly be?!) in order to aid them on the journey to stark realization that their magical dream is impossible.

Instead, we must remember that these persons who have fallen into such transgression, are truly the poorest of the poor, and as difficult as it is, we are instructed, out of love for all mankind, to intercede for them. We must pray that meekness and humility may be granted them so that they may yield, not to us, but to God’s will…and we must pray as Jesus prayed: “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

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