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Sunday, January 11, 2015

What Should We Make of the Pope's Criticism of Millions of Faithful Catholics?

I don't agree with everything that comes out of The Remnant. But this video brings up a lot of good points about the pope's criticism of those who try to follow Church doctrine faithfully while giving a pass to atheists, homosexuals, and the divorced and remarried. I also found the John Allen article that stimulated the video interesting. So here you have it: the view from both the liberal and traditional vantage points.  What do you think?

Does Pope Francis Have an Enemies' List?


  1. Thanks for posting this video. An eye-opener!

  2. Taken with all the other issues, like using unfaithful liberation theologian Leonardo Boff as a source for his upcoming encyclical...well, it is all just so baffling and disheartening. Boff's background is horrible including his longtime affair, even while he was still an active priest, with Marcia Miranda.

  3. This should not be an eye opener to anyone who has been following Pope Francis' agenda right from the beginning of his pontificate. Right from the start, he has held what appears to be a very low regard for committed orthodox Catholics and he isn't shy about publicizing that agenda. As time goes by, I suspect he will become bolder and bolder with his liberation theology agenda. On the plus side, we have a powerful weapon to dilute his harmful influence and it's called the Rosary!

  4. It has been quite obvious right from the beginning of his pontificate that Pope Francis is steeped in liberation theology and that is his agenda for the Church. Therefore, it should be no surprise that he holds orthodox Catholics in very low regard.

  5. Pope Francis has recently rehabilitated Fr. Miguel D'Escoto, prominent proponent of Liberation Theology, excommunicated by Pope John Paul II and remained excommunicated under Pope Benedict XVI.

    Fr. D'Escoto was president of the UN General Assembly, an official of the Nicaraguan revolutionary government, former head of the radical Maryknoll Order and publisher of Orbis Books that published Rev. Wright's "Black Liberation Theology" book that schooled President Obama.

    We can connect the dots.