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Monday, January 19, 2015

The Missing Piece!

I finished my puzzle and I'm missing a piece. Arghhhhh! I was missing two but Larry found one on the floor. I looked under the table too, but couldn't find the other one. What good is a puzzle with a missing piece when you want to glue it together and frame it?

What? Use puzzles for home decorating? Yup. And you know what? I hope to do enough puzzles to give each of my grandkids one (currently 23) when they're decorating their own places some day. Here are several that currently embellish my decor. ( We're furnished in mixed traditional and early yard sale. Works for me!)

Chickadees in the dining room near a window with a bird feeder.
This was only 350 pieces, but really different doing it in the round.

Mock headboard in the adults guest bedroom with some of the birds 
who come to the feeders. (You won't see a Baltimore Oriole
 or Cedar Waxwing at a feeder though.)

A trio of beautiful wolves in the granddaughters' dorm. 
I may use that one day as a conversation starter about dating

Happily, while I was doing this post, my sweet husband was under the table doing another puzzle search. the piece was upside down and blending in with the rug. He announced that "Now I can say I helped with the puzzle,"  as he added the last piece. Ah, he always comes to my rescue! What a sweetheart. Thanks, Honey!


  1. Sweet post. I like doing puzzles too (and want to frame them someday)...just don't get to it often enough. Debbie

  2. I'm going to check out the cheap frames at Hobby Lobby. I've framed a few professionally, but that gets pricey. But I do enjoy hanging them.