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Sunday, January 4, 2015

As we begin this new year, where is the Church?

Is this the theme for 2015: Rome Tangos While the Church Burns?

I just read an interesting article by Roberto de Mattei whcih seems pretty much on target in describing where we are as Church in this new year of the Lord 2015. De Mattei describes "the drama" of a divided Christendom from a historical perspecxtive:
Perhaps future historians will document that they were dancing the tango in the year 2014 in St. Peter’s Square while Christians were being massacred in the Middle East and the Church was on the verge of a schism. This frivolity and irresponsibility is not new to history. In Carthage, Salvian of Marseille records, they were dancing and feasting on the eve of the invasion of the Vandals, and in St. Petersburg, according to the testimony of John Reed, an American journalist, while the Bolsheviks were taking power, the theatres and restaurants were always packed. As Holy Scripture says, the Lord blinds those who want to be lost (John 12, 27-41).
The main drama of our times is not however the aggression that comes from the outside, but that mysterious process of self-demolition of the Church that’s reaching its end results, after being denounced for the first time by Pope Paul VI in his famous address at the Pontifical Lombard Seminary on December 7, 1968. This self-demolition is not a physiological process. It is an evil and there are people responsible for it. Those responsible in this case are the Churchmen who dream of substituting the Mystical Body of Christ with an new organism, subject to perpetual evolution with no truths or dogma.
You need to read the article and prepare for battle. We are in a war for the faith. We saw the early skirmish at the Extraordinary Synod for Family. Expect the war on the family morality to intensify as battle lines draw up for the Ordinary Synod next Fall.

Some troubling facts from the article
According to some rumours, Pope Francis might have the intention of admitting some lay-married men to the priesthood (the so-called viri probati) and to reintegrate priests already married and reduced to the lay state, in the administrating of the Sacraments; priests like Franzoni and the ex-Franciscan and no-global theologian, Leonardo Boff, who presently lives in Brazil with his lady companion. On December 17, Boff, who switched from liberation theology to environmental-theology, confirmed to ANSA News Agency that he had sent at the Pope’s request, material for the next encyclical to him. On the 28th December, in dispute with Vittorio Messori, he expressed himself in We are Church his Support for Pope Francis against a nostalgic writer, with these words: “An open Church as Francis of Rome wants, is extremely important. It is necessary to be open to the irruptions of the Spirit called by some theologians “the imagination of God” for reasons of its creativity and novelty, in society, in the world, in the history of peoples, in individuals, in the Churches and also in the Catholic Church. Without the Holy Spirit, the Church becomes a heavy institution, tedious, with no creativity and, at a certain point, has nothing to say to the world except the same doctrines upon doctrines, without stirring the hope and joy of living.”
Unless Boff is lying he, like Walter Kaspar, is an intimate of the pope. His heretical views apparently are welcome in Rome. His hope for a Church "open to the irruptions of the Spirit" that involve deep-sixing doctrine is impossible. But certainly in the all the confusion, souls will be lost. Unfortunately, we are living the Chinese curse of living in "interesting times." They are times that call for serious soldiers of Christ committed to serious prayer, serious sacrifice, and serious fighting. Polish your armor, sharpen swords, and be in readiness. The battle is certainly upon us!


  1. You know...

    I've deliberately kept my blog reading and responding to a minimum over the past couple weeks. It's just been more convenient not to be connected in any electronic manner. And, I found my BP and anxiety levels much lower. I've enjoyed your posts but plan to keep off the Catholic web items now. Or, a much much lower amount of time...

    I've grown so discouraged over the past year. From the folks in pews who can't be bothered to put on socks for Sunday Mass to the priest milque toast homily on the Epiphany. I know... I know... can't judge people by outward appearances, right? Just so sick of it all...

  2. Oh gosh, can I relate! I spent the morning visiting the virtual shrine of St. John Neumann. What a bishop! If only our U.S. shepherds were like him. Maybe a good prescription for 2015 would be reading lives of the saints. I have an entire wall of books in my office filled with inspiration. I think I will start with Sigrid Undset's life of Catherine of Siena. What a saint. And then I will try to be more faithful to my prayers. Are you the one who suggested night prayer to help me sleep? Whoever did, it really does help. Just goes to show, God answers prayers. I will offer my rosary for you today. I have to say I did not miss FB a bit during Advent. I'm back on, but not sure for how long.