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Monday, January 12, 2015

Bringing Souls to God: The Challenge of Ezekiel 3

But the question does one warn those wallowing in deadly sin in a way they will hear? It surely isn't the way some fundamentalist ministers do with their hate-filled, name-calling signs. People only listen to those they believe care for them. Which means we must have a heart for the greatest sinners, those most in danger of eternal death. If we don't have that heart, there is absolutely no possibility of reaching them. Today, I'm praying to have a deep sense of my own sin and a heart for those in danger of perishing in the eternal fire. I want to be a channel of grace for them that leads to repentance of sin and love for Jesus.

In fact, I want to be like the boy in the fairy tale with the golden goose.

Its golden feathers attracted people. The first person who reached out to touch the goose was caught. Then when someone touched that person he was stuck.

And finally there was a long line traveling down the road fastened to boy and his goose. All because of the attractiveness of the beautiful feathers. Like St. Francis de Sales said, you attract more flies with a spoonful of honey than a barrel full of vinegar. Be a honey, not a pickle!

But how can we make our appeal attractive to sinners? Pray for discernment. And then be like our Blessed Lord at the well, reaching out with love and a smile to engage the woman in adultery. Just think how exciting it would be to approach the gates of heaven with a long line of souls attached.


  1. Mary Ann.....I will say, sometimes.

    But on the flip-side, sometimes the cold slap upside the head is the only thing that works. Really; there's a place for both.
    A velvet glove wouldn't have worked for David, so Nathan hit him between the eyes; "THOU ART THE MAN!"

    and as to your last line....oh my, yes. And I can really think of no one, no one that I know of, who will have a longer line of souls attached to her than the great, blunt, sometimes acerbic, always truthful and dead-on accurate Ann Barnhardt.