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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Do We Stand for the Truth or Do We enter the Virtual Game?

Pope Reportedly Meets with Spanish Transexual

We are a people of truth. Jesus called Himself the "truth." So how should a Catholic respond to reports about men who "become" women and women who "become" men by mutilating their bodies and taking strong hormonal drugs?


Do we call "Diego" the woman who now lives as a man and has a girlfriend "he" and "him?" Doesn't her DNA make it clear that she's still a woman in every cell of her body no matter what she calls herself?

It seems to me that entering into the game by adopting the lying semantics of calling a mutilated woman "he" is a quick trip to LaLa Land. She is still a she whether she cuts off her breasts or grows hair on her face or not.

And now we're hearing about "men" having babies, [Transgendered German Born a Woman has Baby] but of course they aren't men at all. They are mutilated women who kept their reproductive organs so they could conceive and bear children. It ain't rocket science, folks. If they were really men they wouldn't have ovaries with the eggs necessary for reproduction or the wombs necessary to carry babies for nine months! That is the clear and simple truth. You can't fool Mother Nature no matter what machinations you go through.

I won't play the politically correct game of transgender insanity. "God made them male and female" and the reality is written all over their genetic codes. To call a woman pretending to be a man "he" is crazy. For the government to write on the birth certificate that "the father" gave birth because that's what the mom pretending to be a dad wants on the birth certificate is simply a lie.

Insane cultures make insane people. And what will happen to the poor, innocent children?

Welcome to the brave new world where insanity rules!

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  1. Do we know if the pope said "bravo"? Or perhaps, who am I to judge.