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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

On the Shameful Left and their Tantrums

Stand Strong against the Left

The picture accompanying the article shows a limo on fire. (Below) I read later that the owner of the limo business was a Muslim who was not a Trump supporter. Why bother to find out if your damaging the business of an opponent or a supporter when you're out to commit mayhem? Hey, it was a limo and part of the Democrat propaganda is that anybody who looks more affluent than you (unless it's rich, liberal politicians like Bill and Hillary Clinton or the rich Hollywood elitists like the disgusting crude-talking celebrities at the women's march) deserves to be punished. "You didn't build that!" One day this type of behavior is going to bite the folks who foment it. Evil always ends up consuming its own. Remember Robespierre and a modern feminist example, Laura Kipnis. Robespierre was fed to the guillotine. All Laura got was a progressive inquisition, but it was a taste of the political correctness whip used against so many conservatives.

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