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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Progressives use faux social justice to advance liberalism and the welfare state..

Don't be confused. Social justice as defined by the Catholic Church is nothing like the progressives mantra of "social justice." For the liberal Catholic, social justice is synonymous with socialism and the welfare state. It includes forced redistribution of income, "charity" by government, confiscatory taxation, acceptance of abortion-on-demand, same-sex "marriage," radical environmentalism, gender insanity, "equality" through educational brainwashing, etc. It promotes a godless individual autonomy but only when that autonomy conforms to the progressive mindset. God forbid an individual wander off the liberal plantation and think for himself or dare to criticize the "right" to abortion or the "right" to same sex "marriage." Among liberal Catholics the way to "social justice" is through community organizing. It is almost exclusively focused on individual rights, but only to amass power for the organizer. The "social" or society aspect almost disappears.

True social justice from a Catholic perspective begins with the society of the family and recognizes other societies within the state that precede the state and often do things better than the state. Anthony Esolen puts it well:

Man is, rather, made for friendship, with God and with neighbor. It is the aim of social justice, properly understood, to foster those free associations of men, using their reason to provide for their towns, to aid the needy, to build schools, to celebrate feasts, to come together in work or play or common defense or worship. 
Social justice demands that we give such societies their due — mainly, that we allow them free exercise, governed by right reason, in accord with the common good. (Source)
Social justice and good stewardship are Catholic imperatives that rise out of our love of God and neighbor. They require us to come together, not to lobby government for more goodies, but to actually get our hands dirty serving our neighbor. Government is about protecting fundamental Constitutional rights, not taking over the role of the churches and communities. But much of what passes for social justice among Catholic progressives is just lobbying for another government bureaucracy to do "charity" through confiscatory taxation.

Which brings me to an article at the Sheep of Kephas website about SALT (Social Action Linking Together). SALT claims to be Catholic, but don't confuse it for the real thing. SALT links up with the typical big government liberals in the Church and George Soros/Saul Alinsky networks. Their idea of social justice ignores the most vulnerable members of the community, the unborn. Catholic liberals are usually "pro-choice" and defenders of LGBTQXYZ rights. They profess to defend the rights of others, but generally by demanding a government program. SALT has a history of featuring dissenting Catholic like the Nuns on the Bus with Sr. Simone Campbell front and center. In an interview last July while she was out shilling for the Democrats Campbell made it clear she opposes laws against abortion. Any group that claims to advocate social justice while undermining the family and abandoning unborn babies is nothing but a masquerade. SALT is flat. Don't buy its agenda.

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