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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"The Islam Trap" starring Lindsay Lohan

Alaikum salam! I'm a very spiritual person 
and I've become more spiritual as time 
has gone on. I'm really in touch. I've been 
blessed and lucky enough to have
been given a gift
[by Allah?] to share 

with other people. My next movie will be 
about my life of arrests and run-ins with 
the law because I want to show my Muslim
friends how life is not supposed to be lived. 

That's because they're all good people 
because Islam is just the best - not only 
for me but for all the world. This is who I am.
Cradle Catholic Lindsay Lohan is finding that the Quran given her by London Muslim friends opened doors for her to experience spiritually (sic), "to find another true meaning." [Lindsay, there's only one true meaning.]

If Lindsay becomes a first wife I hope she doesn't have a meltdown when her husband takes a second, third or fourth one. She will need to behave so as not to get stoned to death, and if she wants to convert back to Christianity she can expect to literally lose her head.

Let's pray for Lindsay before it's too late.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

From California,

Ho! Hum! just another Hollywood "airhead" going from one extreme to the other, trying to punish herself for her past, or gold dig.

There was one actress who covered herself all up while her Islamic husband exposed his legs in shorts. I thought it won't be long before he has another woman in his lair. I forget the actress's name.

Wake up Lohan -- virtue is in the middle, not on the extreme left nor the extreme right. The Lord Jesus Christ and good St. Paul said it best. You would be extremely wise (excuse the pun) to follow their advice.