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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Southwest Airlines Celebrates March for Death! Good-Bye, Southwest

It sure gets tiresome to see businesses become official promoters of evil. I think it's important to push back, especially if you have been a customer. And so, we are saying good-bye to Southwest Airlines. Good-bye and good riddance! If you want to send your own email here's a contact:

Gary C. Kelly
CEO, Southwest Airlines

Dear Mr. Kelly,
My husband and I often flew Southwest in the past from BWI in Baltimore to both Houston where our daughter lived for a number of years and to Austin where our son currently lives. We never had any problems with your airlines and Southwest was our “preferred airline brand.” Not any more.
After reading about Southwest lighting up its cabins in pink to celebrate the pro-abortion women’s marches around the country we will no longer be flying on your airline – ever! The pro-abortion agenda of the march was already clear before they excluded pro-life groups as “partners” and the program during the D.C. march (which included Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards) made it clear that it was about promoting abortion, lesbianism, and attacking Donald Trump. The exclusion of pro-life women and the murder of millions of “little women” in the womb were cause to celebrate for these abortion extremists.
The country is seriously divided at this point between those who advocate or tolerate serious moral evils and those who defend traditional values. Unfortunately for you, the people having children (future customers) are in the group that you chose to offend. As parents of five and grandparents of twenty-five we are urging our family to choose other airlines when they make their travel plans. Offending half the country seems to me to be a stupid business decision, but I acknowledge your right to make it. Why corporations choose to politicize their products is baffling. Since Target’s bathroom fiasco they’re stock has plunged 20%. 1.5 million people signed the boycott pledge. Shareholders have lost 10 billion dollars. Do you really want to join that club? 
We are truly disappointed to take Southwest off our list of airline choices. I’ll be posting this letter on my blog to urge other concerned citizens to make better choices for their travel plans.
Mary Ann Kreitzer
Woodstock, VA


Susan said...

How can these businesses be THAT stupid? I remember Penney's advertising circulars featuring a family with small children and TWO DADS -- no mother -- for FATHERS DAY! That didn't work out too well for them, but they remained oblivious to their loyal customers' complaints. And now SWA?! Do they really want to be associated with the filthy signage from that Women's March? Gross!

Saint Joan of Arc said...

This is what I sent:
Gary C. Kelly
CEO, Southwest Airlines
Dear Mr. Kelly,
It's too bad you don't see the evil that was perpetrated on our world by the women in the DC (and other places) march.
I wish you had been more discerning in your backing their vulgarity, crassness and disgusting displays of private female body parts. Ask yourself, "Is anything private anymore?"
I also wish that you and other big companies would stick to trying to make your company more successful, instead of promoting lesbianism, abortion and hate of President Trump.
Sooner or later, I hope you come to your senses.
I will not fly your airline in the future.
Mrs. J. Espinola
Salem, NH

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