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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pay Attention to the Media Hypocrisy on the Two Marches

Every year the March for Life is under-reported, the numbers are minimized, and the fact that the marches are happening all over the country is ignored. I remember years when the media totally ignored the March with not five seconds on the evening news and with photos deliberately designed to deceive. They would take a close up of the March showing a few hundred out of the hundreds of thousands of participants and then show a photo of the handful of counter-protesters at the Supreme Court with the caption, "a smaller crowd protesting the March...." giving a pictorial idea that the two groups were almost equal. It was incredibly blatant and shameful! And the tiger hasn't changed his stripes.

It's the game they play and, as someone whose been fighting abortion since before Roe v. Wade I don't get excited any more. The media are liars and they are in the pockets of the liberal groups. This Reuter's article described the crowd as taking up six blocks on Independence Ave. and spilling into side streets. Ho-hum! The March for Life dwarfs that every year, but this will still be reported as the biggest march ever. They will receive massive coverage, the numbers will be inflated, and the fact that it is going on in other places around the country will be met with superlatives. It's the BIGGEST, the BEST, the MOST INCLUSIVE, the BROADEST, the MOST BEAUTIFUL, the MOST INTELLIGENT, etc. ad nauseum.

I'm sure Chris Matthews is getting a thrill up his leg. As for me, I'm praying for these poor misguided women who are walking for those who advocate killing babies in the womb and keeping women ignorant about the devastating impact on their bodies from abortion and contraceptive drugs. I doubt if most realize they are marching for those who want to make sure abortion mills can run without minimum safety standards to protect women, As far as I can tell, not one word is being said about female mutilation, sex trafficking, and other issues that impact women and children. They might as well have labeled this the March for Ignorant Women. If I were a reporter on the street I'd ask some of these women if they voted for Bill Clinton. No doubt most did. Then I'd ask them what the difference was between this man they consider a misogynist and the rapist/seducer/groper Bill Clinton.

Note the density in these two marches and tell me which you think has more participants.

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rohrbachs said...

Those women offended by Trumps use of the term pussy should look at the feminist bible known as"Our bodies ourselves" for sheer volume of cruderies. Or, check out the handouts at today's government school sex ed programs.