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Friday, January 27, 2017

Are These People Clueless or Malicious?

ABC Airs Promo for Shooting of Fictional President during Trump Interview

In view of REAL statements from liberals about blowing up the White House and killing President Trump, this is more than distasteful. It sounds like provocation. Liberalism is an evil philosophy where the end justifies the means. These people hate, not only Trump, but anyone who embraces the culture of life. Pray for them and then fight everything they stand for! You can start by boycotting specific companies like Southwest Airlines and Target -- American Eagle too who proudly supported the Women's March for abortion.


Catechist Kev said...

"Are These People Clueless or Malicious?"

The answer, Mary Ann, is "yes"!

Catechist Kev

Saint Joan of Arc said...

I have never shopped Target. I wrote to SW airlines because I do fly them and told them I won't anymore. I just wrote to American Eagle and told them, I won't shop there because they chose to support a degrading march and showed their moral compass to be off the mark. I am also boycotting Walmart (which hurts me very much because they are right around the corner from me and are the cheapest on a lot of things) because they helped sponsor a conference for the LGBTXYZQABC (and whatever other letter you can think of) community, along with Coca Cola, Att, and Comcast, for the purpose of furthering this agenda. Religion and the homosexual agenda cannot live side, by side, one will have to be abolished and I don't want it to be religion..
Pretty soon I will have no place to shop.