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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

To the Disrespectful Narcissists Who Won't Stand for the National Anthem

Grow up, you selfish pansies, and act like you deserve the freedom purchased by men and women like this and like my dad who fought in World War II and was shooting at Japanese planes from the deck of the USS. Detroit as they attacked Pearl Harbor. They won you the freedom so you can act like infantile, uneducated boobs. Act like grownups and give up your tantrums.


Anonymous said...

grow up and make your ancestors proud. they did not suffer so you could dishonor them by whining, disrespect and oftentimes criminal behavior. this is what divides us. instead, honor them by putting your energy into positive actions; we all need to be good and to bring our goodness into the world. Let's make the country a better place. "let peace begin with me"

Catechist Kev said...

As a 49ers fan all I can say is...

I *love* this post, Mary Ann! ;^)

Thank you for putting it up on your blog.

Catechist Kev