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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Prepare a Gift for Our Lady of Fatima for her Anniversary

Today is First Saturday. If you make the five first Saturdays starting today, you can offer them as a gift to Mary on May 13th, the 100th anniversary of the first apparition at Fatima. Too late to go to morning Mass? Then go to the vigil Mass in honor of Our Lady.

What are the requirements for first Saturday devotion? Go to Confession and attend Mass with the specific intention of making reparation for sins against Our Lady. Pray the rosary and spend fifteen extra minutes meditating on one of the mysteries of the rosary. You can go to Confession about eight days before or after the first Saturday as long as you are in the state of grace when you receive Communion.

If you begin with the Joyful Mysteries today and continue faithfully for the next five months you will be able to offer a garland of spiritual roses to Mary on the first Saturday of May to adorn her during her special month on the 100th anniversary. And how fitting it is to begin this on the eve of the Epiphany when the three kings came to worship her Son as the King of the universe and to celebrate Mary's great dignity as the Mother of God.

Every important goal begins with the first step. Let's begin together preparing this gift for Mary. And if you really want to put yourself in the proper frame of mind to understand Fatima, read about Fatima and the three seers. Lucia's memoirs about Jacinta and Francisco are jewels showing the deep spirituality of these little ones who were giants in the spiritual life. You can start here.


Anonymous said...

From E. Michael Jones about TFP/America Needs Fatima. As I said in a previous post, they are a blood cult. I read about this from Rick Sabalto, but Jones confirms it, too, I see:

It is a shame, because I find their petitions to be worthwhile, and read their emails often, too. Also, Marian Horvat, who used to be associated with TFP, but is now associated with the equally bad Tradition in Action, wrote the official bio for Our Lady of Good Success. I would love to find a book on this approved apparition, which is not tainted by her seemingly anti-Vatican II slant, but the sad thing is, I would not know where to begin to look. For example, if I buy a book on the apparition by another author, how then do I know that that author did not use Horvat's book for a source? You may recall that I said in a previous post that Horvat was one of the signers of the We Resist You to Your Face Document, which admitted in a footnote that the signers would be willing to become sedevacantists if things get too bad in the Church. Yet, even seemingly good priests use Horvat's bio as a source when talking about Our Lady of Good Success in homilies/talks. It is a wonder so few of them know about this? Or maybe they do, and use her book anyway? Good question.


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I like E. Michael Jones, but I do think he goes a bit overboard sometimes. I also have my reservations about Marion Horvat over a book (forget the title) that implied John Paul II fathered a child. The photo could have been on the front of any scandal sheet.

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree about Jones, particularly with regard to the Jews. I even wonder if he may not be a bit anti-Semitic, even if he himself does not realize it. However, I doubt he is wrong about ANF/TFP, because Sabalto said it, too, about their being a secret blood cult. If two credible sources say the same thing, the likelyhood is, what is being said is true, you know? (NOT saying Jones is credible about the Jews, but he does seem to be a good researcher, and he wrote THE book refuting Medjugorje.) I did not know about Horvat's book on JPII. Shameful! Talk about slander against a SAINT! Just wish I knew what sources to turn to for an accurate book on Our Lady of Good Success!