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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Transgender Soldier Explains It All For You!

Why Transgender Disorders Cause Problems in the Military

  • Medical issues remove them from service for long periods affecting military readiness of their units.
  • Discrimination against biological women because because biological men who "transition" have a competitive edge for promotion due to their physical advantage.
  • Gender dysphoria has serious psychological effects that increase the tendency to anxiety, depression, and suicide.
  • It undermines the primary mission of the military -- to defend the country. Undeployable transgender soldiers are a drain and a threat to military preparedness.
It's time to stop using the military as a lab tool for social experimentation. 


Alan Holck said...

Let's consider this issue from a medical standpoint:

People with severe asthma cannot serve in the US Military
People who are obese cannot serve in the US Military
People with diabetes cannot serve in the US Military
Autoimmune conditions often prevent people from serving in the US Military
People with many forms of cancer cannot serve in the US Military
A bunch of mental conditions prevent people from serving in th eUS Military

I could go on & on - I used to know the exact USAF regulation that listed what was medically disqualifying - it went on for many pages

So when people say they have a 'Right' to serve, well, true assuming you can pass the physical(s) - & with transgender they talk about cutting things off and re-arranging the plumbing God gave them. Sounds like a medical issue to me.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Great points, Alan. Thank you!