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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Baby Body Disposal: A Weak Link in the Abortion Business!

Make Stericycle Implement their Policy against dumping dead aborted babies as medical waste.

There's more than one way to fight abortion. Working for legislation to protect the babies is one way. Making it difficult for abortion mills to do their bloody deeds is another. That's what Created Equal's project against "waste disposal" is all about. Millions of little dead bodies make a significant pile of abortion mill "garbage." They have to get rid of it. For years they've contracted with Stericycle to pick up their "medical waste." Stericycle has a written policy that bans baby bodies in the trash, but (wink, wink) they've never really implemented it. So Created Equal went after them with a campaign of exposure that obviously hurt their bloody business. So Stericycle sued Created Equal. They lost.

Here's what Stericycle CEO Charles Alutto wrote to Created Equal in June:
"Beyond our policy, we require supplemental assurances in writing that they (health care facilities) have licensed providers for fetal remains. When customers are not willing to provide this certification, we do not provide services. We have cancelled hundreds of contracts with women's clinics since this certification process was implemented several years ago."
Created Equal, by holding Stericycle's feet to the fire, is making it more difficult for Planned Parenthood and other baby-killing companies to find someone to hide the bodies. (Maybe they can just dump them in a bucket of concrete and throw them in the "East River" like other hit men.)

Time to dispose of the bodies.
Get the cement baby shoes.
Two thumbs up for Created Equal and the Thomas More Society who defended them against Stericycle's lawsuit. As I said, there's more than one way to end abortion. Let's make it hell (appropriate, don't you think?) for abortion mills to operate. Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics has always said reducing access to abortion is part of the strategy for ending abortion. If people won't stop killing babies because it's the right thing to do, make it as difficult as possible for them to kill. Put up as many hurdles as possible.

Having read all this, you can now make a choice. What will you do to help stop abortion today? There are lots of easy ways to help. Send a check to a pro-life group. Collect baby items for a pregnancy help center. Distribute pro-life literature. You can do this anonymously by purchasing some info cards and leaving them in public bathrooms or on windshields at the shopping center or in popular books at the library.

Above all PRAY for an end to abortion. Can anything be more horrendous in God's eyes than the murder of His least ones?

Our Lady of Life, pray for us.

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