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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Terrorism of the Left

Note the black and red anarchist flag and the
red flag which may be the Communist flag
or one of a variety of Antifa flags. Especially

note the masks. Do these folks look peaceful?
Can the Justice Department do something about Antifa and Black Lives Matter and their assault on free speech?

You can sign a petition asking for ANTIFA to be declared a terrorist organization. They are. Look at their demonstrations where they carry anarchist and communist flags as well as the ANTIFA flag. Go here to sign. As I write this about 260,000 have signed the petition. Let's make it a million.

It's interesting that the media and liberals ignore any hate speech from their side. It's only hate speech if it disagrees with their liberal agenda. How many Democrats have condemned Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nada's statement that she hopes President Trump is assassinated? Very few. 

Antifa rally in Quebec City declared illegal ater
violence erupts. Note the Communist symbols.
Pat Buchanan recently wrote an article on the Long History of Leftist Hatred. What's happening today is nothing new. It is part and parcel of the left's strategy for undermining the values of the West. And, as Buchanan says, "those who incite sick minds with images of a bloodstained decapitated head of the president, and cheer Central Park productions of 'Julius Caesar' with the assassinated Roman Consul made up to look like the president, cannot evade moral culpability."

Moral culpability also belongs to those stirring up the absolute feeding frenzy over Trump's statement against violence by any groups following the Charlotte event. The left will only allow condemnation of the right. We are supposed to ignore the politically correct violence like the Berkeley riots and other demonstrations by leftists who set fires, destroy businesses, and beat up folks in Trump shirts. Hey, they have a right to be angry, dontcha know?

Read Trump's statement after Charlottesville and ask yourself whether he is the one stirring up hatred or is it liberals like State Senator Chappelle-Nada, Kathy Griffin with her bloody head, the actors stabbing a Julius Caesar Trump look-alike in Central Park, the Hunt-Republicans Democrats, and all the liberal media hatemongers stirring the cauldron.

To the left, the only group that can be declared Nazis are pro-lifers and conservatives. They, the liberals, hold the moral high ground tearing their garments to expose their bleeding hearts. They really care while conservatives all want to lynch and enslave people and rape the planet. Sadly, they even get cover by Catholic bloggers like Mark Shea who continually attacks pro-lifers and Catholics who refuse to board his hate Trump train. 

But enough...I'm going to pray for President Trump, the country, and especially for all those in danger of hell. May they live as long as necessary to repent. I don't want anyone to go to hell, especially myself. O Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.


Steve Dalton said...

I saw your comments over at Shea's blog. Good for you! Your comments were strong and straight to the point. Shea's reply to you was wimpy as all get out.

Susan Matthiesen said...

In the first picture above they look like ISIS jihad soldiers.

Steve Dalton said...

They probably use the same tailors!