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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Guest Post: Open Letter to President Trump

Mr. President:

Concerning the new immigration bill to be deliberated by Congress when it returns from its August recess, it should be emphasized that immigration into the U.S. is a privilege, not a right. In the same way a stranger has no right to walk into somebody's house without permission, so a foreigner has no right walking into America without permission from the government. This permission to migrants should be based most especially on evidence that they truly honor and love America.

This precept is grounded in Christian principle. God commands, "Thou shalt not steal," thus proving that each person has a right to his own property which God has given him. In the same way, Americans have a right to their own country which God has given them, and in fact, they are bound to guard that country from foreign interference and harm, lest they show ingratitude and enkindle God's wrath.

Because a Christian country, first and foremost, is God's country. Therefore, its government is bound to guard it as such, most especially by protecting it from moral corruption, i.e. drug infiltration, abortion, sodomy, and the general subverting of the people through radical, anti-Christian propaganda, much of which comes through illegal or loosely monitored immigration. 

I propose that applicants for U.S. citizenship be required to pass a test, whereby they prove that they first honor America before they are given any kind of legal status. This should be the no. 1 criterion for eligibility. Without this allegiance, all the skill they might demonstrate could be used for the undermining of America.

Too long have we allowed freeloaders and radicals to infest our country under the guise of charity, while we sideline the good people who could contribute to America's growth, unity, and strength. There are good people in Canada for instance who express desire to move to America, but who refrain from doing so knowing the difficulty it entails. A gross injustice this is that those who honor America are given the cold shoulder, while "la raza" rebels who despise America can walk into this country and get their 24-hour green cards, along with the benefits of insurance, medical, and government pay-checks!

I say let's be merciful to the humble who truly salute America, while blocking out those who show the least threat to the peace and serenity of this Great Christian Nation.  

David Martin

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