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Friday, August 25, 2017

Leftist Feminist Councilwoman Likes to Urinate in Public Standing Up

Agueda Banon urinating in public standing up
Liberalism is a mental disorder and Barcelona's Director of Communications, the vile Agueda Banon, a post-porn activist, is an exemplar of this fact. The woman has no modesty, no decency and is sick and disgusting. Yet, how much is she paid as Director of Communications for Barcelona, Spain? What kind of depraved electorate voted for her? Degenerates just like she is? Where are all the decent respectable people? Are there none left? 

The first time I ever saw a human being, not an animal, urinate in public was in Paris, France when I was a teenager. A man took out his member and urinated right there on the corner into the street. Of course I was shocked because, in those days at least, Americans would never do such a thing. I was told by the friends I was with, "This is France. That's what they do here." 

Since then I've seen crazy homeless people more decent in their behavior than Agueda Banon who acts like a filthy prostitute, although I don't mean to disgrace prostitutes by comparing them to Agueda Banon.

If you want to read the story go to Fellowship of the Minds and also Kommonsentsjane. I cannot link to to them since the article photos of this woman urinating standing up in public are too vile. She is pictured in Murcia, Spain urinating on the Gran Via de Murcia, and again on the Great Wall of China.

How did Western society sink so low as to have such an evil woman governing decent citizens? Why do we do this to our children? Do we just give up and let the criminals, the wicked and ungodly run our lives? Apparently so.

If this woman lived in Charlottesville she would have been on the side of Antifa since the mental instability and immorality originates from the same source.

Below are comments from Kommonsentsjane blog. Thank you to the authors of the following:

So what are ya gonna do about it?
"This is the sick disgusting behavior that is more and more prevalent in the West and is making society toxic for future generations. Send her to a women’s prison where the audience will embrace her twisted performances."

"There are some things you can’t unsee. So I posted it publicly on FB and Twitter. With a comment, of course."

"If it has to happen at all (it doesn’t), keep it on that side of the Atlantic."

"How many people with any sense of decorum would go to a foreign county and act in this manner? It is most unfortunate that the Chinese did not arrest and prosecute her/him [some people wonder if Agueda Banon is transgender] for this unseemly behavior. I can only agree that anyone dressed in heels and woman’s clothing that publicly pees standing up is certifiably insane. The picture of her peeing in the streets of Barcelona (I guess) should be enough to have the City Council rethink her employment. If this is deemed appropriate . . . then we can certainly surmise that they are all insane."

"Thank goodness my ancestors left Europe to come to America . . . the more I see of what 'Europeans consider as acceptable behavior', the more disdain I have for them."

"That lunatic mayor is simply showing us all why libs fight so hard against the conservative, and/or Christian right – they want to do whatever it is they want to do no matter how degenerate it is, and they fear that, being sane, we’ll do all in our power to prevent their lunatic behavior, especially in public where children might end up seeing what they’re doing."

"They like to get a hold of children early so they can begin the debauchery training early enough so that, when the kids are older they won’t stray far from it. Remember how God told us to train up our children in the ways that they should go in Proverbs 22:6? Well, apparently the devil must have overheard what God told King Solomon to write down for us, and decided it sounded pretty good–only in his case, he told his people to train up the children in the way they should NOT go – and the rest is history – or, it soon will be."

"For me, the question is, why would a woman WANT to do this? Is it for 'shock value'? Is it simply to defile what most believe? It’s hard for me to imagine anyone with a responsible job wanting to do something like this. If it’s a statement, what’s she trying to say?"

"Yes, it is sad to say that some women have turned vile. It must be something in the drinking water."

"What in the world is going on here? What ever happened to modesty and decency?"

"Yes, I must say, she looks like she has been ridden hard and definitely put up wet." [Race horse slang for the way a promiscuous woman looks - old, hardened and worn]

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