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Friday, August 11, 2017

The Persecution of Dr. Paul Church and What It Means for State Delegate Bob Marshall's Campaign

Transgender man is running
against VA State Delegate Bob
Marshall. The new normal?
Dr. Paul Church has been a urologist for over 30 years and has seen the devastation of the unhealthy sexual behaviors and practices of the LGBTQ crowd. He became a target for daring to tell the truth about the health risks of perverted sex and was banned from several Boston hospitals. Today, doctors are expected to play the game -- kill patients on request (or without request),  cut off healthy body parts and give hormone injections to satisfy patients' delusions, etc. Sadly for many in the medical community, it's not about health care any more, but social engineering

There is nothing to celebrate in the high risk behavior of sexual deviants, but saying that is sure to get a doctor in trouble as it did with Dr. Church. Read more here. I recommend listening to Dr. Church's testimony and consider what the future looks like when gender tyrants are setting policy and agendas in our state and federal legislatures.

Which brings me to State Delegate Bob Marshall, the conscience of the Virginia House of Delegates. Bob is a long-time defender of he rights of vulnerable citizens including the unborn, the sick and elderly, and our veterans. He has worked hard for the voters of his 13th District to provide good roads and a safe community. Bob is facing a transgender man pretending to be a woman who is being funded by outsiders all over the country. He wants to be the first transgender in the country elected to a state legislature. And if we don't help Bob, he may get his wish. He's being supported by outside LGBTQ and transgender groups outside Virginia and is bringing in a load of cash. The Washington Post is pushing his candidacy and this isn't the only part of the country putting these sexually confused people front and center. See Will 2017 Be the Year of the Transgender Candidate:
Groups like Trans United, founded just a year ago, and the Victory Fund are providing campaign donations, candidate trainings and small armies of volunteers to help trans candidates challenge conservative incumbents. Roem cites a Victory Fund “candidate boot camp,” which offered campaign strategies for LGBT political hopefuls, as a major boost to her campaign.
Bob needs your campaign donations and your help to fight this orchestrated assault on Christian values. You don't need to be in his district to knock on doors or make phone calls or give a donation. Please help. The next transgender candidate may be in your community. Think of the speed with which we've seen the legalization of same-sex marriage, unfair participation of transgendered boys in girls' and women's sports, men calling themselves women using girls bathrooms and locker rooms. Do you really want a tiny minority of sexually confused individuals who want to change everything about marriage and the family making the laws that impact your family? And as a taxpayer do you want to cover the costs for doctors to cut off their sex organs and pump them full of estrogen or testosterone so they can pretend to be the opposite sex? It's all about changing laws and gaining special privileges for the LGBTQ community (and access to taxpayers' wallets).

Please help Bob. I've known him and his wife Cathy since the 1970's. We've worked together on pro-life issues. He is a man of integrity, a serious Catholic who loves God, family, and country. No community could have a better representative. No matter where you are in the country, please help prevent the "first." Don't let it take place in Virginia, the cradle of the Republic.

And here are more sources about the challenges our country is facing from the normalization of deviance:

The Health Risks of Gay Sex by Dr. John Diggs

A Queer Thing Happened to America by Michael Brown


Chriss Rainey said...

I watched almost all of Dr. Church's speech on my phone and accidentally shut it off before he was finished.

I missed the title of the book he refers to as the hazards book. If anyone else watches this clip, please try to note this title and post it in a comment. The speech is eye opening. I intend to red the other title he mentions , The Queer Thing Happened to America.

Mary Fran said...

The book is called The Health Hazards of Homosexuality: What the Medical & Psychological Research Reveals. It's a 600 page reference book apparently written for the general public

Mary Fran said...

Thanks for posting this video, Mary Ann. It is excellent and I am passing it along.