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Monday, August 14, 2017

Question for the Day: How Come Liberals Condemn Hate on the Right and Champion Hate on the Left?

                         Do these look like good guys?

Donald Trump's comments after Charlottesville condemning violence wherever it comes from were totally on target.

Does anyone really believe the only bad guys in Charlottesville were the white supremacists?

Hey, the liberals were thrilled to have an opportunity to send in their thugs pretending to be the "good guys" in white hats. They aren't! Antifa wants an open war and everywhere they go violence erupts.

In Charlottesville, it was the fascists vs. the commies all over again. Are there any good guys in those groups?

Study history, folks. This is not new. It's the Communist revolution all over again and its goal is the destruction of the American Constitutional Republic. Here's what Lenin said about Communism:
"Dictatorship is rule based directly upon force and unrestricted by any laws.

"The revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat is rule won and maintained by the use of violence by the proletariat against the bourgeoisie, rule that is unrestricted by any laws."[8]
Do you really think Antifa were the good guys in Charlotte?

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This perfectly reflects Antifa's goals!
Passed out at a Portland event.
What is especially troubling is that the police were ordered to stand down by the leftist mayor. What happened in Charlottesville can be laid directly at his feet. If he really wanted to maintain the peace, all he had to do was order the police to keep the groups separated. But that would violate the left's motto to never let a crisis go to waste! It all played into the blame Trump and the "alt-right" for everything bad that happens. And it was used to suppress free speech, just as Antifa violence has suppressed free speech in many other places.

Read your history about Communist agitation and realize that many of these politicians are confirmed leftists who take advantage of violence to advance their cause.

Instead of doing what was necessary to minimize confrontation, the mayor cancelled the legal protest by the supremacists. (Remember the Skokie decision? No matter how much you hate what they stand for, they had a right to spew their vile speech.) and dispersed them into the Antifa crowd who were looking for a fight. So who is really to blame for what happened? And remember that it began with the purging of our nation's history with the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee, an honorable man and patriot. The iconoclasts, like the socialists in Orwell's 1984, are determined to drop every historic figure they dislike down the memory hole. They are modern iconoclasts!

Oh...and one other thing. I'm curious, did Antifa have a permit for their counter-demonstration or did they just show up to instigate violence? They are not innocent in all this. Check out some of the flyers advertising other Antifa events, like the one below right from Philadelphia.

Image may contain: outdoor
But if you aren't convinced that Antifa is a hate group on the left, go visit their website, It's Going Down and browse the pictures. Don't miss the store with its "FU" button and the T-shirts depicting automatic weapons.

But keep in mind that, Antifa isn't just one website. They have groups and websites all over the world at this point. If anything indicates that this is an organized, orchestrated effort of the left, its breadth is a dead give-away.

Communism isn't dead and its most violent form (as compared to Gramski Communism) is back. It's Antifa and Black Lives Matter and it's funded by some of the biggest leftists on the planet like George Soros.

Allen West spoke common sense about Charlottesville and the hate on both sides of the political spectrum. And Adrienne's Corner has a great article as well. Pray the rosary for peace.


Anonymous said...

All true except for Lee. Let him go. Read the declarations of secession. Read the cornerstone speech. Lee, and virginia, made a mistake. Your holding on to him is part of the problem.

Roe Antinore said...

Thank you Mary Ann. Great article.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Anonymous, where do you draw the line? Is "holding on" to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and many of the other Fathers of our country who owned slaves also "part of the problem?" Shall we throw out and tear down all the statues, monuments, and paintings around the world that depict any historic figure who was flawed in some way? Shall we burn down Mount Vernon and Monticello and raze the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial?

We disagree obviously because I think your attitude is "part of the problem." If we can honor Harvey Milk and have sports' halls of fame and the walk of the stars honoring all kinds of flawed characters, if we can venerate shallow and promiscuous Hollywood celebrities...well...I think people can show a little tolerance toward patriotic southerners who tried to legally secede from the Union and were forced into war as a result.

Winners write the history but there was plenty of wrong in the North as well. And remember, Lincoln wanted to send all the slaves back to Africa and did not believe the races were equal. He was what one calls today a white supremacist.

Anonymous said...

The readings I suggested show the confederacy was all about slavery and white supremacy, and I am not slinging those terms nor do I appreciate bon. Where I draw the line is at confederate symbol in the town square, where they indoctrinate children to the confederacy. At historical sites or cemeteries, fine. Founders, even slaveholding founders are not the same because they did not make the republic all about slavery. As opposed to the documents i cited, which every School student should read for evidence, they had the declaration backing them up. And Jefferson and Lincoln however poorly they lived it, wrote the truth in the declaration and emancipation.

But if we hold onto the confederates, they may also come for the founders, and even more tragically, for the causes of life. Confederate in the town
Square is a very reasonable firebreak since they have nothing to their credit but a suave style.

Dr.D said...

Our memorials are there to remind us of our history, both the good and the bad parts. We certainly do not all agree as to which parts are in which category, but they still remind us of the sort of people that made America what it is. The only "reason" to tear down our memorials is to cause us to forget our history and begin to think that we created ourselves, as we are, fully formed. It just is not so!

If the BLM and Antifa thugs are allowed to continue to suppress speech, we will have a civil war, of that I am certain.

Alan said...

You are trying to use logic in an illogical situation.

Anonymous said...

Maryann, a different anonymous here and with respect.. Lee wanted to succeed from the states, in reality trying to destroy this country He also was fighting for keeping a group of people enslaved....I don't think that you would agree with that if he wanted to enslave Catholics. It goes beyond mere character flaws and racism that was a product of that time. He was an enemy of the state. Also, the statues weren't even put up until there was a backlash of Jim Crow laws and the changing culture concerning race...Not really things to be proud of.

While I do not agree with destroying statues there should be plaques putting them in context. I doubt if you would want a statue of Martin Luther dropped in your cul de sac ..but the country is more protestant then it is Catholic, so why not?

"Winners write the history but there was plenty of wrong in the North as well" Now you sound a bit like Trump..."Well...Obama this, Obama that.." I became a Republican because I believe in self determination and not blaming others....I voted for him and he is the biggest whiner of them all...and all his adherents seem to be echoing this. Of course there are a lot of things wrong with the North, however, specifically concerning the Civil War and slavery,.the south was dead wrong. The architects of the confederacy should not be venerated in public places, the North won, the South was wrong.

NOBODY said...

Ditto, Mary Ann! You guys have a wonderful website. Keep it coming!