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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

News You Might Have Missed

You wouldn't really ignore me, would you?
Here is an article for people who want to morally justify something which is clearly a sin. You may now sin because it will be sinning in "self-defense". For instance, if I want to say that being a convert to the Faith I know Jesus Christ founded is no longer important for my salvation I can do that. I merely convert back to my old sinning self and it would be OK because in reality I would be doing that in the defense of my soul since what it truly good for me is ignoring this pontificate. 

Muslim women divorced by text, email,
Skype and Facebook
Then HERE is an article for feminists toying with the idea that Islam is beneficial for women. This is why, when I convert back to my old sinning self, I will not dash off to Islam. I would be divorced the first day married, as happened to one unfortunate woman in the article. But...but...but...isn't treating women this way SLAVERY?

If you can't have it, bomb it
Another newsworthy article HERE. As I say, if you can't remove it or bomb it, just move in and make it your own. For instance, why remove Confederate statues? Just make Robert E Lee into Ulysses S Grant by changing the uniform and face. Muslims want the Cathedral of Cordoba which used to be a mosque built on top of a Christian church. So, OK, then. First give Christians back the Hagia Sofia, then we'll talk. The other option is a bomb, which Muslims wanted to do to Antonio Gaudi's Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

We don't own Tiki torches and never
heard of the Great Nazi Panic of 2017.
Finally, an article HERE about how normal people are bored by FAKE DRAMA. It's a great analysis of Nazi hating, although I can't figure out why liberals hate Nazis so much. Liberals love, love, love Islam. Islam hates, hates, hates Jews. Islam supported Hitler (an evil Nazi, remember?) during WWII because he was killing Jews. Therefore liberals should love Nazis as Islam loved Hitler.


M.T. said...

How is it possible that this Archbishop cannot be challenged by the full body of bishops and
clergy? or is it that they believe that this poor man has lost all sense of God that they prefer to ignore him? At what cost?
How can the Pope tolerate him? May God have mercy on him and on us all.

Anonymous said...

Feminists do not care about these women as many feminists are too busy cheating with other women's husbands. You know, the ones who call you "sister" as they stab you in the back. Many of them were or are notorious mistresses. Then they will tell you they are "liberated". What cow manure! Even Dr. Phil has told women, "If he will cheat with you on her, he will cheat with someone else on you.

I know a woman who was shocked, just shocked, when her quadruple-married "husband" cheated on her with his second "wife" while the first was still alive.. It makes you want to knock on their heads and say, "Is anything in there?" She knew all along how many times he had been married.

Anonymous said...

Regarding my post Aug. 23 at 9:14 pm, actually the last wife mentioned WAS his fourth wife.