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Monday, August 21, 2017

Pope Francis and the Eclipse of the Sun of Catholic Truth

OnePeterFive is always thought-provoking and is one of my favorite websites. Steve Skojec wrote an article today about the eclipse of the sun using the heavenly event as a metaphor. Quoting a priest friend who encouraged him in his discouragement (Isn't that a common state for faithful Catholics these days?), he wrote:

Early last year, feeling discouraged (as I sometimes do) by the situation in the Church, I reached out to a member of the clergy whom I greatly respect, seeking counsel. I had recently watched the pope’s video about “Care for Creation”, which I wrote about in an essay entitled, “Gaia Church: Love the Earth. Heaven Can Wait.”... 
I mentioned the video. I also mentioned an interview Francis had given at the time about the situation in China. In it, he made not one mention of the suffering, imprisoned, or oppressed Catholics there. When asked about China’s slaughter of 400 million of it’s own children — often against the will of their parents — he referred to this only as a “mistake.” As though the Chinese had simply gotten their priorities out of order.
“I know the unchangeable truths of the faith.” I said. “I believe in them. I hold to them. But this man, I truly believe, is a chastisement on the faithful. … God must be so very angry with us.” 
This alter Christus responded to me with compassion, agreeing that the situation with Pope Francis was quite sad. He said to me that this papacy presents a significant trial for our faith, as well as our supernatural view of the Church. But, he insisted, this is only happening by means of God’s mysterious permission. He advised me that the faithful should try not to take what Francis is saying and doing too seriously. 
“Let us in some way ignore this pontificate,” he said, “which represents an eclipse of the sun of Catholic truth. The eclipse is temporal and passes. Let us pray fervently for the salvation of the poor soul of pope Francis and at the same time for the miracle of the next conclave to give us a traditional pope. The darker it is getting in Rome, the brighter has to shine our faith and our love for Jesus. It is a challenge for our faith. Let us be in all humility soldiers and knights of Christ.”
Brave soldiers don't run from the battlefield when the going gets rough. They stand firm and hold their ground. And that's exactly what soldiers of Christ are called to do. So cling to your WMD, weapon of major devotion, the rosary, and stand firm.  Our twelve star general is the Blessed Mother. She is assured of victory and will defeat the dragon through the triumph of her Immaculate Heart. So keep the faith, pray, and practice penance. The victory is assured. We have only to love God, follow His Mother, and stand firm.

Viva Cristo Rey!


Roger Frantz said...

"Let us in some way ignore this pontificate..."--what a way with words. :)

Chriss Rainey said...

Another way of putting it would be "Never let anyone or anything get in your way of being Catholic." My mother used to say, "Remember, the sun is always behind the darkest cloud." This eclipse is another great example of the temporary nature of darkness, whether that darkness is a president, an illness,a war, or a pope. Persevere.

Anonymous said...

God sees all. Always hope and pray. With God, all things are possible.

I just signed this petition and sent postcard through LifeSiteNews:

Pope Francis, remove pro-gay Fr. Martin as advisor to

I pray something good comes from it.