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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Now The Iconoclasts are after Mount Rushmore and Stone Mountain

Remember Judas...He went out...
"and it was night."
"Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad."  (For those liberals who don't know what an
iconoclast is and are too lazy to look it up, iconoclasm is 1. the practice of destroying images, especially those created for religious veneration, and 2. the practice of opposing cherished beliefs or traditional institutions.)

The left is more and more unhinged.
Ten Statues Liberals Want to Destroy
Will Richmond Purge Monument Ave?
Baltimore Removes Confederate Statues in Dead of Night
These articles represent just a tiny sample of the insanity going on all over the country where local government is purging the nation's history in order order to...well...what exactly is it all about?

Maybe we need to ask some questions. Why exactly is our nation's history being dropped down the memory hole? How is tearing down these statues and monuments going to make the lives of minorities any better? How does this hate and intolerance for honorable men (and women) contribute to liberals' stated values of tolerance and diversity? Can history be changed by mob action?

And, of course, what's next? You know this isn't the end. Is this the prelude to a direct attack on Christianity? The crosses have been targeted for years. Maybe it's time to put up huge crucifixes in our own yards?

Well, at least one historic park is saying NO to the insanity! At least for now.
Gettysburg reaction to the liberal wreckers
We need a lot more sensible voices. Now, let's hope Gettysburg puts the confederate battle flag back in the gift shop.

And keep this in mind. This country did not demonize Japan after World War II. We rebuilt her. If we could forgive, tolerate, and respect the Japanese can't we do the same for our own countrymen?


Susan Matthiesen said...

Yep, just remove them all and schools won't have to teach history anymore because there won't be any history to tell since all the proof of it will have been erased. Therefore, there will have been no slavery at all, no War Between the States, and nothing but complete harmony from the beginning of America.

No obstacles did we ever have to hurdle, no arguments over anything to solve. We were and are just one big happy nation where everything was always fine for all citizens...just great...and future generations will know that everything was all good and wonderful because there will be no history to suggest otherwise.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

To the anonymous troll who leaves snarky comments about the Confederates.

I'm not posting any more. You had your say on a previous post and I'm sick of you hiding behind a rock and taking potshots in the dark, just like the iconoclasts who sneak out at night to remove statues. Susan and I don't hide our identities and neither did the honorable men who fought in the Civil War for the Confederacy. There were good men and bad men on both sides. Your insistence on demonizing the South just points out how ignorant you are of history, like most of those tearing down the statues.

Go start your own hate-the-South blog. I'm not giving you a platform here any more.

Lauraelaina said...

Go get the troll Mary. He probably really looks like a troll.

Catechist Kev said...

Mary Ann,

A person posted the following under the article about the Missouri state representative who tweeted she wished Trump would be assassinated:


"Black people that were never slaves are fighting white people that were never Nazis over a confederate statue erected by Democrats, because Democrats can't stand their own history anymore, and somehow it's Trump's fault?"