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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Does American Exceptionalism Include Draconian Human Experimentation?

Cold Springs Harbor where evil
experiments were conceived.
I don't believe in American exceptionalism. As a country with fallen leaders running things, we are just as prone to commit evil as other countries when we stray from Christian principles.

Did you know that Adolf Hitler got lots of ideas for his eugenics policies from Cold Spring Harbor, the Long Island eugenics laboratory? Hitler was actually a Johnny-come-lately to the field. American scientists were way ahead of Dr. Josef Mengele, the infamous German "angel of death" who performed terrible experiments using prisoners of war and Jews, including children, as his lab animals. His experiments with twins are infamous. You can read about the roots of the Nazi eugenics program here.

But our American Dr. Frankensteins didn't stop their own evil actions following the revelations of the horrors of Nazi experiments. After the war, they took their "research" to the third world. Between 1946 and 1948, thousands of Guatemalan citizens (men, women, and children) were deliberately and without their consent injected with STDs by American doctors working in cooperation with the Guatemalan government. Victims were lied to, told they were receiving injections to "keep them well." Many of the victims were never treated but were left to sicken and pass the diseases to their offspring before they died.

Scientists knew what they were doing was unethical, and made a concerted effort to keep it all under wraps. Dr. John Cutler, a doctor in the study, later became Assistant Surgeon General. Despite being involved in both the Tuskegee syphilis study and the Guatemalan atrocities, Cutler never paid for his crimes against humanity. Unlike the condemnation of Dr. Mengele whose experiments showed a similar disregard for human rights, Cutler held an important role for years at the University of Pittsburgh and after his death had a lecture series named after him (only dropped in 2008).

Consider that the Guatemala experiment began about 15 years after the immoral 1932 Tuskegee syphilis study began. In that study, the victims already had the disease. They were offered "free medical care" but were given placebos even after penicillin was on the market in the early 40s and was known to effectively treat syphilis. But the scientists wanted to see the full progression of the disease, so they just let these victims, mostly black sharecroppers, be their lab rats as they went blind, suffered serious deformities and died. The American doctors were no less "angels of death" than Josef Mengele.

Is this all behind us? In recent years there have been controversies over tetanus vaccines used in the third world inoculating women against their own babies by lacing the vaccines with the HCG pregnancy support hormone so women would develop antibodies against it and attack their own little ones in utero.

Dr. John Cutler, America's
Angel of death. 
In 2014 the Church in Kenya examined samples of the vaccines (disseminated by WHO, the World Health Organization and UNICEF) and found them tainted. WHO denied it and did their own lab tests and said the vaccines tested negative. Despite Snopes saying the accusations were false, the latest data says the bishops' allegations were reasonable.

WHO and UNICEF are committed to population control, particularly in the third world including abortion, contraception, and economic blackmail. (Read this.) Can anyone really trust organizations to tell the truth when they are ideological champions of population control. Would they openly admit using the poor as guinea pigs? Are they more reliable than Cutler who said they needed to keep the Guatemala experiment at a "subterranean" level because of the controversy the truth would generate? It's not rocket science! The elite have their own agenda and it sure isn't the one preached by Jesus Christ.

So the next time you hear someone talking about American exceptionalism, remember that Americans are no less infected by original sin than anyone else. We have the same capacity for evil as the Nazis in Germany or the Communists in Cambodia if we abandon Christ's teaching that we are all created in God's image and likeness with a right to human dignity. Only those who embrace humility and remember that big atrocities begin with little immoral acts will keep their eyes on the truth. Repent of small sins and the big sins will likely never happen.


  1. America was great for the nanosecond of the Declaration. That inalienable rights were not secured in her constitution pulled her off the pedestal.


  2. The Vatican and the parish pulpits are filled with COWARDS who refuse to speak out against this filth. This is horrendous and prophetic !
    Even Kindergarten children are sodomizing each other ! If THIS doesn’t cry out to Heaven for vengeance , nothing does. shame on the so called New Evangelizers for hell.

  3. Read "IBM And The Holocaust"

    This American company was responsible for systemizing the Jews by numbers (tattoed on the arm) to categorize their usefulness and document their locations.

    IBM knew throughout the war what their machines and the punch cards required to operate them was being used for. Only IBM produced cards would work so they were guaranteed sales of the cards for the life of the machine.

    This is an excellent book to read, especially today when most of us fear "data tracking" and electronic surveillance.

  4. Let me add,

    The book was written by the son of a Holocaust survivor and it contains photocopied evidence of the whole long ugly relationship between IBM and the Third Reich.

  5. Just yesterday I happened to pick up the book Tower of Light by Michael F. Brown of I mean it--YESTERDAY I picked up this book and blasted through the first four chapters during the bus ride home. It was used book and I bought it just so I could get bus change. I went from rolling my eyes at the hokey prophesy angle to riveted by the uncanny correlation between Brown's description of genetic engineering and all the other cultural changes that everyone understands now are consequences of just this topic.

    Regarding the post's topic of Americanism: I understand and agree that it is necessary to acknowledge every nation as comprised of fallen people. I still believe that the current popular opinion of nationalism is too low, low enough to endanger citizens, and we need to regain some unity, values and purpose. Thank you, though, for this sobering information.