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Thursday, March 22, 2018

All the Sickening Sickness is Sick - Penis Facials, Eating Human Meat and the Peace of Islam

The West is sick to the point of dying
How sick is sick? Sickness is all around us. It's everywhere - not the sickness of being ill with a disease but the sickness of people doing sick things. Immoral things. Evil things. And each day that dawns brings one more immoral evil sickening story. The following happened in the last three days. Three!

 mother in Oklahoma married her own son then had the marriage annulled after incest charges, then she got hitched to her daughter after the government legalized gay marriage. The daughter had that marriage annulled because she said her mother had led her into it fraudulently. That entire scenario is sickening! 

Penis facial
The latest fashion in ultra-exclusive facials for famous Hollywood starlets is the "penis facial" by NYC facial expert, Georgia Louise Atelier. In her facial bar ingredients Atelier has foreskin creme made from cloned parts of amputated newborn baby foreskins. Do the parents know what's happening to their baby's foreskin? Are there now hospital permission slips signed by parents for their newborn baby boy's foreskin to be used to plaster on Sandra Bullock's face to make her skin "glow", "Oh, look. There's little johnny's foreskin on the big screen." That. is. so. sickening.

Ground people meat?
Then comes Richard Dawkins [that old windbag] who said we need to eat human meat grown in labs. I say let's feed this to Hollywood stars first to see how they like it. Since they're already rubbing foreskin creme into their faces, eating human flesh would be a natural segue. Dawkins suggests eating human meat created in a lab would overcome the taboo on cannibalism. Lab-grown people flesh using stem cells would be "clean meat" that would help feed the world without slaughtering any creatures - except aborted babies - because where will labs get stem cells. Planned Parenthood, of course! Sick. Sick. Sick. (Kid yelling from in front of TV: Mo-o-o-o-m?! What are we having for dinner tonight?! Mom: The usual. Stir fry clean human meat. Kid: Not again! I'm sick of that!)

How about Muslim grooming gangs in England pimping out young British girls? That's sick, but then so is Islam. It's sickening! While on the subject of England, let's say it how it is: Nazi Britain! Totalitarian Britain! Britain bows to its Muslim masters by censoring free speech, calling anything against Islam "Islamophobia". Churchill would be horrified of his sickening country today.

there's Germany and Sweden and France and Italy and Belgium which have all aborted their children for 60 years, therefore have no children therefore have to import Muslims to fill the void therefore Islam is replacing Christendom. It's sickening! How could they replace Our Lord with Muhammad? That's evil! Sick!
Apparently this is fake news, although 
Francis has said that the Quran is a
prophetic book of peace. Like the Bible.

It's evil for the Vatican to lie to us ["Lettergate"]. It's embarrassing to be burdened with an Islam loving pope. It's sickening that Francis is the pope and seems not to know Who Christ is - or conversely, has not a clue what Islam is - because if he did, he would not be calling for Europe to take in more and more Muslims. Islam wants to turn St Peter's into a mosque like the Hagia Sofia. Islam wants to rule the world and all people in it. That's evil and it's sickening.

It's evil and sickening that the MSM covers up the genocide of Christians and Jews and incite nations to hate Israel. Antifa and the Left and Democrats and trashy Hollywood movies and TV shows are evil and sick. Foolish celebrities telling normal people what to think, how to vote, how to raise our children, as if we all want our children to grow up to be like theirs, is an exhibition of their inner sickness. The world has enough problems without half witted movie stars tossing their imbecilic opinions around. They're silly people thinking they know what's best for everyone else when they can't even live their own lives decently. That is sick.

Hatred is a terrible sickness. It's evil, immoral and sick. Hating President Trump and his family is evil and sick. It's sickening that the cicadas [cicadas = the Left always singing the same old tired leftist songs] tell people that Islam is a religion of peace. That abortion is a right. The cicadas sing their sick hate against the West, against goodness and beauty and truth and God, against family and babies and children and friends and church. That's evil. That's sick. The cicadas are a sickness in society. Their poison trickles down to every man, woman and child on the planet.

Below is a chilling one minute video - from two days ago - of Muslim migrants invading the Basilica of St Denis in Paris. St Denis is the burial place of Charles Martel who stopped the Muslim invasion into Europe in 732 at the Battle of Tours.


  1. And right here at Providence College a student had a message threatening anal rape on his bathroom mirror because he dared to affirm that marriage is between one man and one woman. And the college authorities have joined with the wolves. Can the second coming be far off? Or at least the fire and brimstone raining from heaven?

  2. While the administration goes after this student who affirmed Catholic teaching, a pro-lesbian bulletin board was a ho-hum affair. Free speech if it affirms Catholic teaching is dead at Providence. You can go to this website to read more and click on the link to a petition against this sickening behavior. The so-called gay community are the new reign of terror calling for heads to roll.

  3. Sodom and Gomorrah! The LORD promised no more flooding, right? How about fire and brimstone! I've been involved with GOP politics almost my entire adult life! I keep threatening to quit my local unit, as a voting member due to the near-complete idiocy of the stupid party. The Church, percentage wise is even more rotten. We need the Church. We don't need any political party except to hold the fort while Christians wise up and start fighting back, first by personal conversion, then by living, demonstrating and teaching the even earthly superiority of living a life of joyful sacrifice --- first and foremost to God, then to His earthly human creatures. Like Mother Teresa said, love Jesus through the sick.... and we all are sick! Become a paying member of churchmilitant dot tv. Politically I belong to a group proclaiming the need for a return to limited government under our Constitution. It reminds me of what Chesty Puller said at the Inchon Reservoir. "Surrounded? Great! Now we got 'em right where we want 'em! Now we can fire in all directions!" The only difference is I have to start with me, focusing first and foremost on loving God in Christ through the Holy Spirit and then caring for neighbor, admonishing the wicked (including politicians and businesses) to change their ways. Only Christianity can save us! The only true Christianity is to be found in the Catholic Church! And it all starts with personal holiness. Our weapons are our Rosaries, and a return to faithful Christian living no matter the consequences.