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Saturday, March 31, 2018

President Trump's Easter and Passover Message

Can you imagine Hillary - the Islamic OIC Globalist - saying this? We had better be thanking God that President Trump was victorious. We were given a 4 year (now three) reprieve from the powers of darkness. Pray for 2020, because if  Democrats win, there will be hell to pay for all "Deplorables". BTW - where is Huma Abedin now?


  1. Divine Intervention PROVED in modern times!

  2. Oh, we do! We never understood his election, except to say God had mercy on us. There must be a number of praying Americans doing just that, praying, because otherwise there is no explanation as to why we would be blessed with him. Yes, we are greatly worried about 2020, because by the time the Democrat Machine gets high schools kids fully politicized, and imports as many Democrat voters as it can, 2020 gets rougher and rougher to imagine us pulling out another one. It is a David and Goliath story, positively. David can win, but the Lord will have to be in his camp. Thanks be to God for this man's strong personal characteristics, that made him able to persevere, and to keep going.

  3. I pray for the Church, this country and our President.

    Great points Kathleen 1031.